Start with Why: How to Lead in the Healthcare Industry

It’s an age-old question that has riddled consumerism since its birth: How can I stand out from my competitors? How can I show that my brand is the better choice? Obviously, this is quite a loaded question with no single answer. But it encourages us to explore the inner workings of our brands, as well as what makes people tick.

As Simon Sinek says, “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” In his TED Talk, he separates leaders from those who lead. He says that some leaders hold power and authority, but those who truly lead are those who inspire us. True leaders believe what we believe, and act as a vehicle for these beliefs to come to life.

So as you roll out your new marketing plan, stop to consider: Are you inspiring people, building trust, and sharing values? Don’t blabber on about what you do – start with why.

people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it

The Case for Apple

In his TED Talk, Simon dissects the omnipotence and global success of Apple. It’s a computer company just like the rest of them – how did it gain the top slot? Most companies start with what they do, then go into how they do it, and lastly (if at all) touch on why they do it. But Apple approaches it backward.

The brand has instilled itself as a leader in innovation and one that reaches past the status quo to always strive for something better. Then its products – from laptops to MP3 players to watches to phones – are born into royalty, so to speak. The “early adopters” admired Apple’s beliefs and loyally followed. Once enough people jumped on the Apple train, the brand hit a tipping point and blossomed into the powerhouse we know today.

Beliefs Are a Driving Force of Behavior

As consumers, we’re constantly sifting through a barrage of marketing messages from a bottomless pit of companies that look exactly the same. So how do we decipher what’s relevant and meaningful to us? We pander to those we deeply relate to in our heart and soul. This phenomenon is at our core being and spans the reach of any industry, including healthcare.

Our health is the baseline of our existence. Without it, we wouldn’t be here. So why would we trust it to just anyone? Before anyone will buy into your product or service, they need to know that they can trust you. They want to know that you share their beliefs, and that you will help deliver the results they want in the way that they want to achieve them.

Humanizing Your Brand

Simply for the fact that you’re in the healthcare industry, we already know that your “why” is deep and meaningful. So instead of selling what you do – the capabilities of your new software, the technical specs of your surgical tool, the revolutionary features in your mobile app– speak to people at the heart level by convincing them that you share the same beliefs.

true healthcare leaders inspire

Here are a few examples. Health insurance companies are plentiful. Do you want to buy from someone that sells insurance where you can “talk to a nurse 24/7, get cost estimates ahead of time, and store and manage your records digitally”? Or would you rather buy from Oscar, where they believe that “health insurance should be simple, human, and smart”?

Iora Health is another first-rate example of a brand that knows their why and knows how to effectively communicate it. Right as you land on their website, you’ll find their why: “We believe in primary care that puts people first. Because when we can connect on an individual level, we can impact the entire health care landscape.”

Here’s our why.

  • We believe in freeing your brand from the confines of me-too marketing and corporate blandness.
  • We believe if your marketing is boring, you will be invisible.
  • And, we believe when intellect and inspiration are brought together, powerful product and service stories are born—stories that go far beyond telling your customers and stakeholders who you are and what you do—stories that inspire people to buy.

What's your "why"?

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