Your workbook for building, LAUNCHING, & SELLING health tech that people ACTUALLY want to buy.


For those who find themselves in the critical phase of launching a business or new product, Dr. Roxie Mooney’s book is a must-read. Roxie has years of experience advising companies on the fundamentals of launching a company, product-market fit, successful pilots, and of course, strategy development.

The intertwined relationship between marketing and strategy is a pervasive theme in this book — and in Roxie’s work. So, as you might expect, her book is chock-full of lessons learned, to guide an entrepreneur though the gauntlet of commercialization of a healthcare business.

— Dr. Joseph Kvedar

President, American Telemedicine Association

(And author of the book’s foreword)

Ditch the guesswork. Say sayonara to thousands — or millions — of dollars wasted on the wrong path. Go straight to the success part.

Commercializing an innovation is hard, especially in healthcare. Just because your product solves a real problem or is technically and functionally superior to the competition doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.

In this Amazon International Bestseller, Dr. Roxie takes you through the components of a commercialization strategy that works.

How Health Innovators Maximize Success: Strategies to
Launch and Commercialize Healthcare Innovations

Chapter 1: Setting Yourself Up for Commercial Success
Chapter 2: The Difference Between Launching and Commercializing
Chapter 3: Managing the Strategy Development Process Is Essential for Success
Chapter 4: Timing Strategies: Early Mover, Follower, or Late Entrant
Chapter 5: Targeting Early Adopters
Chapter 6: Setting Up Your Pilot for Success
Chapter 7: How to Rise Above the Noise
Chapter 8: How Branding Impacts Diffusion of Your Innovation
Chapter 9: The Why, How, and When of Co-Creation During Product Development
Chapter 10: Tips to Encourage Health Innovators to Survive

Ready to pave (and conquer) your path to profit?