You've Launched a Healthcare App, Now What?

Let’s start by saying congrats! Especially in today’s highly-digital landscape, an app can be a huge step to launching your brand to the next level. According to Grandview Research, the global mHealth market is expected to hit more than $49 billion by 2020, with a roughly 46% compound annual growth rate. The numbers don’t lie – a healthcare app is a great idea when the circumstances are right!

I’ll be honest, though: just having an app is nice, but without a marketing plan, it won’t do your business much good. An app might look good on a phone and it may make your brand feel accomplished, but you’ll need a marketing strategy and plan to reach its full potential. The marketing plan is the engine that drives adoption and revenue: it allows you to drive traffic and engage with your users.

So what’s in a good mobile app marketing strategy?

Engaging Clients with a Healthcare App

The Tenants of App Marketing

When you built your app, you took some preliminary planning steps like defining your business goals and identifying your target audience. These should also be the basis of your marketing campaign. While every plan will be different based on a number of factors, the greatest of strategies incorporate at least a few of the basics.

Your app marketing plan can include any combination of techniques such as, but not limited to:

  • Email marketing
  • Text message marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Mobile display advertising
  • Social media
  • Product showcase video(s)
  • In-app downloads
  • Print marketing, if suitable

Growing your Healthcare App

Engagement Is the Name of the Game

No matter which elements you incorporate, each piece of the puzzle should focus on garnering new customers by finding your target audience in their “natural habitat” and guiding them to your app. However, it’s not just a numbers game.

Once you have customers, you need them to stick around and actually derive value from your app. This is the result of making sure they’re active, engaged, and informed about how your app can benefit them on a daily basis.

Apart from a strong app with relevant features, what can you do to keep them engaged from a marketing standpoint?

  • You can use text messages and email marketing to let them know about new events, coupons and offers, and app developments.
  • You can use push notifications to bring them back to your app, which are delivered to their phone as status updates.
  • You can harness social media to learn about their behaviors and opinions of your app, while communicating with them directly.
  • And much more!

Does your brand use any special marketing techniques to drive traffic and engagement to your healthcare app? Share with us!