How Social Media Can Skyrocket Your Healthcare Brand

We all know that social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn have a stronghold on the way we express ourselves and communicate with the world around us. People turn to social media daily to connect with friends, family, and other like-minded individuals who share our beliefs, goals, and interests, as well as those who don’t. We click “like” when we enjoy a post. We engage in debate and conversation when we encounter controversial topics. But did you know that social media can skyrocket your healthcare brand to a whole new level?

Social Media and Consumer Behavior

Understanding consumer behavior is a foundation of successful marketing. In today’s competitive business landscape, it’s becoming more and more critical. Like it (no pun intended) or not, social matters more and more. Smart marketers have learned that social media is a treasure trove for understanding consumer behavior. Harnessing social media and cultivating branded communities are powerful techniques for collecting data. Many argue that there is simply no better place to explore consumers’ opinions, attitudes, and needs than the realm of social media.

Social Media and Healthcare

Social Media and Healthcare Statistics 

Take a look at these powerful statistics that illustrate the impact social media’s had on healthcare:

  • At least 40 percent of consumers state that health information via social media impacts the way they manage their health. (Mediabistro)
  • 41 percent of individuals said that social media affects their choices for specific hospitals, doctors, or medical facilities. (Demi & Cooper Advertising and DC Interactive Group)
  • 30 percent of adults will likely use social media to share personal health information with other patients, 47 percent with doctors, 43 percent with hospitals, 38 percent with health insurance companies, and 32 percent with drug companies. (Fluency Media)
  • Year-over-year, YouTube traffic to hospital websites has increased 119 percent. (Google’s Think Insights)
  • After beginning to use social media, The Mayo Clinic’s podcast listeners grew by 76,000. (Infographics Archive)

Building Brand Awareness

In addition to tapping into social media as a means of learning about your target consumer’s interests and goals, social media can bolster your brand and offer real business impact. Based on statistics like mentioned above, social media has an often underestimated amount of clout in influencing people and guiding their decisions. Just as social media helps nurture current relationships and build new ones with peers, it also helps potential customers connect with brands. Social media provides an outlet to have a conversation with consumers and build your brand’s reputation, trustworthiness, and esteem.

Building Brand Awareness in Healthcare

Social media is one of the most convenient, accessible, and cost-effective tools for brands to set themselves apart from their competitors and break through the healthcare haze. What’s your share of voice or brand health?

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