Don’t miss Dr. Roxie’s interview with Shahid Shaw on The #HCBiz Show

Dr. Roxie on the HCBiz Podcast


I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on “The #HCBiz Show!” with Shahid Shah and Don Lee. The episode is titled: “What’s your Early Adopter Strategy? with Dr. Roxie Mooney”


I must say, it was a rich and brilliant conversation!


Here’s the link to the episode on The #HCBiz Show’s website. You can also find it anywhere you listen to podcasts.


We dove into one of my favorite topics: the importance of an early adoption strategy when you’re bringing a healthcare innovation to market.


Here are 7 things you’ll learn from the episode

    1. Why you absolutely can’t overlook an early adoption strategy — you’llHCBiz Show Image 1
      need to win over the early adopters before you can “cross the chasm” into the mainstream market.
  1. An early adopter is someone who’s looking for something new and novel. They’re the risk-takers and often innovators themselves. Your strategy should focus on their specific goals, desires, and needs, not the mainstream market’s — which can be drastically different.

  2. How to avoid the ominous pilot purgatory by paying special attention to your pilot partners and the negotiations and contracts leading up to the launch of the pilot program. This includes negotiating future sales and building in value for your company along the way.

  3. Do not skip the customer discovery process! It can easily feel like you don’t have the time or resources, but you can’t afford to learn millions of dollars later that nobody else loved your idea as much as you do. (And no, your mom doesn’t count as a good source of feedback.)


  1. Consider your go-to-market timing. Many innovators rush to be the first on the market, but have you ever considered that being a “fast follower” has its own unique benefits that might put you in a better position for market success?

    HCBiz Show Image 2
  2. Product co-creation is the only way to ensure that your customers will truly need and want your innovation in the end. Plus, this collaboration gives all stakeholders input, so that your solution is a perfect balance between what you want, and what they want.

  3. As I mentioned, there’s often a significant difference between the customer profile and persona of an early adopter vs. a mainstream customer. Learn how to convert your early messages into mainstream messages. For example, shifting from ideas focusing on “new, novel, innovative, never been done before” to ideas like “social proof, trustworthiness, ROI.”

    And that’s just a taste! There’s a lot more juicy goodness when you dig into the full episode.

Here’s the link again for you to listen to the episode on The #HCBiz Show’s website. Or, you can find it anywhere you listen to podcasts.


Give it a listen and let me know what you think!