21st Century Healthcare Marketing: Go Mobile or Go Home

The Pew Research Center says that in America, 90% of adults own a cell phone and 64% own a smartphone. What does this mean for a healthcare brand? It means that if you’re not tapping into the power of mobile in your marketing strategy, you’re missing out on huge opportunities to engage your audience and get your share of the market.

Whether you’re a health tech startup, a specialty pharmacy, a behavioral health company, or a physician medical practice, there’s a place for your brand in the realm of mobile marketing. If you know your audience, master your tools, and build a strategic marketing plan, the sky’s the limit.

3 Types of Mobile Marketing

The Many Faces of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing takes many forms, including:

  • Text messaging, or SMS and MMS to reach patients directly on their phones. With a 98% open rate for text messages vs. a 22% open rate for email, brands can capitalize on direct communication.
  • Mobile apps to drive deep engagement with patients while fortifying communication lines and strengthening their relationship with your brand and the product or service it provides.
  • Responsive design to make sure that all of your digital content is readable and user-friendly. This applies to all channels of communication – websites, emails, landing pages, and the like.

Becoming a Part of Their Lives

With the prevalence of mobile devices, healthcare companies around the world have found seamless ways to integrate their brand messaging with the everyday lives of consumers. In order to position your brand into their lifestyle, you’ll need to take a good look at who you’re trying to reach. What’s their lifestyle and behaviors? What relationship do they have with your brand? How will your end goals affect their daily lives?

The name of the game is understanding your audience. When you know who you’re speaking to and the channels through which they’re receptive to your messages, your mobile marketing plan can flourish.

Healthcare Digital and Mobile marketing strategies

Practical Applications in Healthcare

With a little creativity, healthcare brands have found continued success in applying mobile marketing strategies to their businesses. Text messaging can be used to send important information like appointment reminders and educational information on the patient’s condition. Mobile apps can keep patients engaged in their own care on a daily basis. Responsive design works to reinforce all of your digital strategies by making sure that your brand is concise, accessible, and consumable.

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