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What’s the Difference Between Launching and Commercializing a Healthcare Innovation?

We get countless inquiries from entrepreneurs who are looking for a marketing partner to help launch their healthcare innovation into the market. Sometimes these requests are to design a new product logo or a website, and other times it’s to develop a go-to-market strategy and plan.

While we’re happy to support clients with these strategies and tactics, there’s a lot more that goes into ensuring innovators reach their business goals. What many innovators don’t realize is that commercialization — generating a profit from the innovation — begins before the product is even fully developed, and continues long after it’s launched.

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How to Get Your Healthcare Innovation into the Right Hands

When you’re bringing a healthcare innovation to market, there’s a key list of mission-critical considerations that should begin well before you’re ready for launch. Innovators who fail to address these considerations strategically and proactively will find themselves struggling to assimilate into the market — and ultimately left in the dust.

Distribution is one of those considerations.

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How Should You Price Your Healthcare Innovation to Attract Customers, Cover Costs & (Gasp) Make a Profit?

Pricing is among the most important concerns for the longevity and sustainability of an innovation and the brand behind it. And, let’s face it: bringing a healthcare innovation to market ain’t cheap. This may be especially true for radical innovations that disrupt the status quo, which brings about a new set of considerations for innovators and customers alike.

There’s a delicate balance between finding a price that satisfies consumers while still covering costs for innovators, all while bringing in that coveted profit margin that companies need in order to thrive and expand into the marketplace.

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Building Digital Communications for Better Patient-Centered Clinical Programs

Technology has radically shifted the paradigm of our communication. Traditional, face-to-face conversations have widely been replaced by digital technologies: an email, text, social media chat, or FaceTime conversation. While some of us mourn technology as an interruption, most of us want more simple, streamlined, and convenient ways to get our point across to others.

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Commercialization of Pharmaceuticals: Overcoming the Challenges of Marketing New Therapies

Incredible breakthroughs in research and technology have translated into equally incredible advancements  in modern medicine. From HIV-eliminating gene editing therapy to an artificial pancreas for diabetes patients, we’re seeing revolutionary strides in treating patients with acute and chronic conditions.

It takes years and often millions or even billions of dollars in resources to develop special therapies, but the challenge doesn’t end there. The commercialization of pharmaceuticals requires comprehensive and forward-thinking strategies to ensure that these breakthroughs move from the lab to the world’s clinics, pharmacies, and treatment centers.

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How Innovative Healthcare Businesses Are Turning Marketing Costs into Profit

For many healthcare businesses — and virtually any other type of business you can think of — marketing is viewed as a cost or expense to the bottom line. Companies can spend years researching, developing, and implementing new marketing strategies and tactics (and purchasing expensive and complicated technologies) to bring in more business.

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Opportunity Hides in Disruptive Mash Ups & Strategic Partners

Unlikely partnerships are disrupting to the Healthcare Industry. Startups and companies from other industries are nibbling at the edges of the traditional health ecosystem.

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