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Healthcare Marketing Agency

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Philosophy is the embodiment of people and principles who left a powerful legacy in their wake. Yet, philosophy is about more than ideas and beliefs. It is about the resulting action it inspires.

Legacy DNA Marketing Group believes in four actionable philosophies that transform marketing strategy from mere intention to impactful attention.


a theory or attitude held by a person or organization that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.

Patient Healthcare Marketing
Healthcare Marketing Campaign Services
Inbound Healthcare Marketing
Relationship Healthcare Marketing
  • 1 The Why
  • 2 Tuned In
  • 3 Inbound Marketing
  • 4 Relationship Marketing

The Why

People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

Have you ever had a small child ask you, “why?” Most likely, the answer is yes. And, after hearing a string of endless ‘whys’, we might be tempted to answer, “Because I said so.” It seems logical. But getting to the root of ‘why’ is not only a logical process; it’s a behavioral one.

Metaphorically speaking, your customer is that small child. They want to know ‘why’ they should choose your company over any other. Why do you do what you do? To answer that question, you must fully understand why your company exists and what’s in it for your customers to place their trust in you.

At Legacy DNA Marketing Group, our philosophy starts with discovering the ‘why’ of your business. We are unafraid to dig into the past and look into the future of your ‘why’ to build a story that not only connects with your customers’ needs and desires, but influences their behaviors and inspires them to engage with you. Because, your ‘why’ story should be tuned into each and every one of their ‘whys’.

Tuned In

Successful marketing healthcare campaigns are not born under a lucky star, nor are they the products of guesswork; they are the products of good genes. They are based on the art and science of being ‘tuned in’ to your customers’ needs and wants. Successful campaigns are not about how your customers re-shape their needs to fit your products and services, but how your products and services are built to solve their problems and satisfy their needs and wants.

Simply stated, being ‘tuned in’ equates to paying attention to every aspect of your customers’ situations—from identifying their problems and understanding what motivates them to buy, to knowing how to use this information to develop meaningful experiences, products and services. It creates resonators that inspire long term loyalty.

At Legacy DNA Marketing Group, we believe in being ‘tuned in’ to our clients, and in doing so we are able to help you benefit from being ‘tuned in’ to yours.

Inbound Marketing

Everyone starts out as a stranger. In digital healthcare marketing, inbound healthcare marketing takes a scientific approach to transforming strangers to visitors, visitors to viable leads, leads to customers, and customers to brand evangelists. How? Through a simple formula:

arrow1 Attract + Convert + Close + Delight.

Attract the attention of visitors. Convert them to leads. Close them as customers. Delight them into evangelists.

Legacy DNA Marketing Group takes this philosophy to heart and we practice what we preach. We guide you through the process of doing the same. We aim to transform your brand with our healthcare branding services.

Relationship Marketing

Relationship healthcare marketing is not a summer romance. It’s a marriage, focused on the long term.

Remember your first summer love? In the beginning, it was all fireworks and flowers. You felt a connection that made you feel energized and alive, and gave you a new sense of purpose. When summer was over, suddenly, so was that romance. It faded from daily love letters to an occasional phone call. Then one day you found yourself wondering, “What happened?”

What happened was the sizzle fizzled. In business, your relationships can often feel like a summer romance: exciting and fulfilling at the beginning, and ‘anything but’ as they mature.

Relationship healthcare marketing is about more than increasing sales. It’s about fostering customer loyalty, interaction and long term engagement. It drives deep connections with customers through:

  • Etiquette (don’t ‘turn off’ your customers)
  • Influence (through open and continuous communication)
  • Understanding the digital culture (dos and don’ts at your customers’ digital hangouts)
  • Maintaining the personality your customers originally ‘fell’ for

Our Healthcare Marketing Group was built on relationship marketing. We understand the value of that ‘marriage’ with the customer: the need to keep it alive, fresh and energized over the long term. We’ll help you nurture your customer relationships, helping to ensure that the sizzle never fizzles.

Why Legacy DNA Marketing Group

Why Legacy Healthcare Marketing Group

WE BELIEVE in freeing your company from the confines of marketing like your competitors, where each campaign, adorned with blue and gray scrubs, resembles a clinical case report.

Create lasting customer preference and loyalty.

Medical Marketing Consultants

Overcome commoditization and changing market conditions.

Sometimes we are so focused on the clinical capabilities of healthcare that we forget that each one of those institutions, providers and patients are real people—people who are more than a condition or treatment. These are people who want to feel connected to you.

No matter what product or service you offer, you, your company and your customers deserve a brand that resonates, builds trust and meets their deepest needs in authentic and meaningful ways before, during, and after the sale. And, you don’t need to be one of the big guys to reap big rewards.

Helping Healthcare Companies Craft Communications and Campaigns

We know you are about more than just pretty pictures and words. And, so are we.

Your company’s story is important. It’s your DNA … the legacy you leave behind. Legacy DNA Marketing Group believes that when intellect and inspiration are brought together, powerful product and service stories are born … stories that go far beyond telling your customers and stakeholders who you are and what you do. Legacy DNA Marketing Group arrow2uncovers and expresses the story of why you are vital.

We Specialize in Helping Healthcare Companies Craft Communications and Campaigns

The convergence of the left and right brain; it’s a perfect union of science and art.

Through this union, we analyze, understand and relate the DNA — or unique characteristics—of your company, products and services. We discover and put valuable and often hidden customer insights to work to differentiate your offerings with meaning and purpose.

We are more than a brand builder; we are a movement. We take a scientific and creative approach to healthcare marketing. We are an Aster and FHSPRM award-winning marketing firm that offers the highest level of personal and Specialty Pharmacy Marketingcreative strategic planning and development for healthcare brands, products and services.

For years, we’ve specialized in helping the following healthcare companies and sectors discover their DNA and craft communications and campaigns that inspire, engage and achieve results.

  • Healthcare Technology Innovators

  • Specialty Pharmacy

  • Oncology Programs

  • Back and Spine Programs

  • Hospital Systems

  • Biotechnology Companies

  • Transplant Solution Developers

  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)

  • Medical Associations

    and more…

Healthcare Website Design and Content Marketing

We are all connected.

It’s in our DNA. And, we all communicate. But how does
your DNA connect with your customers? Find Out.

Oncology Program MarketingMedical Device Manufacturer Marketing

Our Team

Healthcare Brand StrategyEveryone has their differences — something that makes them unique. Our DNA builds it into us. That’s where we find our ‘Left Brainers,’ the scientists brimming with logic, and our ‘Right Brainers,’ the artists who emanate creativity.When you combine them, you can discover synergy, energy and real innovation. They inspire you to pay attention.

That’s what you’ll find within Legacy DNA Marketing Group. The brains behind our brawn include:


  • Roxie Mooney
  • Wendy Bacigalupi
  • Amy McIntyre

Roxie Mooney

Our Healthcare Marketing Team

Roxie Mooney, MSOL, Founder and President, Left Brainer

Roxie Mooney has more than fifteen years of marketing experience and a proven track record in opening new business channels and crafting integrated marketing plans, campaigns, and tactics that yield strong ROI and brand equity. She is known as a trusted advisor and strategic thinker.

She excels at building and advancing brands that resonate in the marketplace, drive customer engagement, and create deeper loyalty for such companies as Virtual Physician’s Network, WellTek, Inc., Pure HealthyBack, MedX, lime Fitness, Flossolution, and Axium Healthcare Pharmacy (The Kroger Co.).

Roxie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Communications from Rollins College in Orlando, Florida, a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Palm Beach Atlantic University, and is completing her Doctoral program in Business Administration (Marketing Specialization) at Walden University. She serves as a mentor to single mothers in the New Start 4 Moms Program and is a member of the Awareness Committee for the Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force.

Here’s a fun fact about Roxie. In her free time, she sneaks a little right brain activity into her schedule. Roxie secretly enjoys oil painting honeybees and naturescapes at urban organic tea houses.

View Roxie Mooney's profile on LinkedIn


Wendy Bacigalupi

healthcare branding team

Wendy Bacigalupi, Partner, Left + Right Brainer

Wendy has almost two decades of experience in professional writing, strategy consulting, marketing communications, and public relations. She has provided media relations and strategic communications counsel to a number of companies ranging in industry focus from high tech and Internet technologies, to financial management and FDA regulated environments, including Intacct Corporation, Callidus Software, Hewlett Packard, LifeScan Corporation (a Johnson and Johnson Company), Guidant Corporation, Mediaplex Inc., OmniCell Technologies, Health Central Hospital (now Orlando Health), Virtual Physician’s Network, Pure HealthyBack, Flossolution, and Axium Healthcare Pharmacy (The Kroger Co.), among others.

Wendy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Canterbury Christ Church University and is pursuing graduate studies in Communications at Southern New Hampshire University. She is published frequently in a multitude of Southeastern healthcare magazines and journals, ghostwrites for a large number of C-level executives and physicians, and has served as a strategic marketing and business planning mentor for MBA graduates through California-based Growthink, a strategic business development organization.

Though she might deny it, Wendy sometimes sets her writing aside to enjoy some good old fashioned applied statistics. Probability models are her version of chocolate: a guilty pleasure.

View Wendy Bacigalupi's profile on LinkedIn


Amy McIntyre

Our Digital Marketing Team

Amy McIntyre, Partner, Right Brainer

Amy has twenty years of experience in developing visionary creative design concepts and campaigns for organizations in a wide range of industries including healthcare, government, aerospace, entertainment, hospitality, academic, and retail. She has developed print and digital assets, as well as 3D product renderings and illustrations, for companies including Health Central Hospital (Orlando Health), Axium Healthcare Pharmacy (The Kroger Co.), Flossolution, Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Disney Imageering, Walmart, Uhaul, Lockheed Martin, Peabody Hilton, AAA, the City of Ocoee, the City of Lake Worth, FL, and many more.

Amy earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kutztown University, in Pennsylvania. She is also the noted children’s book illustrator of Sammy’s Adventures in Ocean City, NJ.

A little known fact about Amy: this award-winning artist rarely leaves home without a copy of the book Art & Physics.

Featured Projects

Pure HealthyBack
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  • Customer Interviews – Buyer Personas

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  • Digital Communications Plan

  • Marketing Collateral (Infographics)

  • Public Relations

  • Customer Interviews – Buyer Personas

  • Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Message Map – Value Proposition

  • Brand Identity

  • Website Design

  • 3-D Renderings

  • Product Packaging

Axium Healthcare Pharmacy
  • Customer Interviews – Buyer Personas

  • Strategic Guidance

  • Mission & Vision Workshops

  • Brand Identity

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  • Message Map – Value Proposition

  • Digital Communications Plan

  • Marketing Collateral (White Papers & Presentations)

  • 2-D Animated Videos (Video Script & Storyboard)

  • Video Production

  • Public Relations – Crisis Management

  • Social Media Marketing

  • SEO

  • Strategic Marketing Plan

  • Customer Interviews – Buyer Personas

  • Website Design*

  • Marketing Collateral*

  • Print Advertising

  • PPC

  • *In collaboration with Blink Media.

Health Central Hospital
  • Marketing Strategy

  • Brand Identity

  • Website Design

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Public Relations

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