After decades of research and experience, we know that an early adoption strategy is key to making this happen.

Bringing an innovation to the market is hard, especially in healthcare.

Typical launch and marketing strategies simply aren’t enough. You need a commercialization plan that starts long before your launch and ends long after. This might sound daunting, but we have an evidence-based framework and actionable guide to help you develop your winning strategy.

Market Success

The COIQ™ System was created by Dr. Roxie Mooney, the author of the international bestseller, How Health Innovators Maximize Market Success: Strategies to Launch and Commercialize Healthcare Innovations.

While writing her doctoral dissertation, she came across an unsettling statistic: 95% of innovations never see the light of day. Since then, she’s dedicated her career to making sure that innovators have the right strategies to be among the 5% who beat the odds.

Most innovators spend their time and money developing what they believe is the perfect product. Her research, however, proves that to be successful, you need to start with developing an early adoption strategy.

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Let us tell you why an early adoption strategy is so important.

Commercialization is the most critical and costly stage of the innovation process, yet it’s often the least well-managed stage.


Success with the mainstream market ultimately depends on your success with the early market. If you're not successful with them, you will not be successful over the long-term.


The adoption characteristics of the early market are very different from the mainstream market. Your success strongly depends on your knowledge and understanding of the characteristics, needs, and buying intentions of early adopters.


The strategic and tactical decisions involved in the commercialization process are deeply connected in ways that often go unnoticed and the effects of these decisions heavily shape and influence market success.


Before you make substantial investments in strategies that set you on a course for market failure, get entangled in the pitfalls of commercializing a healthcare innovation, get stuck in pilot purgatory, burn through your funding, or miss your window of opportunity, invest your time and money in building your early adoption strategy.

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Your COIQ™ score and your market strategy with the COIQ early adoption strategy.

The COIQ™ Early Adoption Strategy is an evidence-based framework and actionable guide designed to help you improve your COIQ Score — and with it, your chances of market success.

Each week, you’ll work directly with Dr. Roxie, who will walk you through a series of collaborative thought exercises and workshops specifically designed to work through the five areas of an early adoption strategy: timing, targeting, communication, product, and pilot.

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Here's how it works.




Module 1

Readiness Assessment

Benchmark where you’re at right now.

Module 2


Learn the fundamentals behind a successful early adoption strategy.

Module 3

Market Entry Timing

Analyze when to announce the innovation to the market, when to pilot, and when to launch.

Module 4


Identify which market segment to pursue through the early adoption lens.

Module 5


Define how to differentiate your innovation authentically and meaningfully.

Module 6


Define key messages that will resonate with the early market.

Module 7

Early Adopter Engagement

Plan how to stimulate early adoption and validate the marketing and sales funnel.

Module 8


Plan the product configuration and the co-creation strategy.

Module 9


Develop a pilot plan that leads to future sales.

Module 10

COIQ Action Plan

Bring everything together into one cohesive action plan.

Module 11

90-Day Workshops

Optional quarterly workshops to identify and plan how you can continuously improve.

This is how Stacie ensured her connected nebulizer truly serves the market.

We started with an early adoption strategy that allowed her to get hyper-targeted insights from the key players in her market.

This paved the way for a co-creation strategy to test and iterate an early prototype of the nebulizer. She worked with the tiny patients she’s helping to breathe easier, as well as the pediatric teams who care for them.

If you are bringing an innovation to market or you already launched, but you’re struggling to gain adoption, schedule a free 20-minute call with Dr. Roxie.

The COIQ™ early adoption framework.


Starting to wonder if you’re just launching when you should be commercializing? Discover what moves you need to make.

Check out our free strategy guide: The Critical Difference Between Launching and Commercializing a Healthcare Innovation.

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