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When it comes to content marketing, many companies believe that “more is better.” When you keep your name in digital newsfeeds, customers are bound to notice, right? Not necessarily. Too much content with too little substance can take the boldness out of your message.

The truth is, with content marketing, the “more” you’re looking for equates to quality content and distribution, not quantity.

Content marketing embodies so much more than writing a simple social media post and hitting “share” over and over.  It’s a strategy that, when done with purpose and precision, increases web traffic, strengthens trust and loyalty, Specialty Pharmacy Content Marketingand helps build a solid customer base with every click.

Legacy DNA knows you are specialty pharmacy subject matter experts, with mindshare like no one else’s. We can help you plan and create the right mix of quality content marketing from comprehensive blogs, articles, white papers, videos, and e-books, to social media posts, links, and email campaigns that create the problem-solving internet experiences your customers , prospects, and partners look for.

And, because timing is everything in content marketing, we’ll help you time your content distribution perfectly, to meet your customers, partners, and online followers where they are, and at the right time – every time. 

A high-quality content marketing strategy enables your company to do the following:

  • Increase your web traffic
  • Capture the attention of audiences, including patients, providers, payers, and drug manufacturers
  • Gain more qualified leads and sales
  • Build greater trust and credibility – Your mindshare is never wasted on extraneous content sharing
  • Boost SEO ratings with precision – Rise to the top of content search rankings – not for the general web population, but the populations that matter to you
  • Create brand advocates – Positive, problem solving internet experiences create rave reviews
  • Make your advertising dollars work smarter – With the right strategy, content marketing can go further – to the right people at the right time – and do more for far less investment than traditional advertising
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