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Meet The Team

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Simon Lampo

Inbound Marketing and Automation Engineer

As Legacy DNA’s inbound marketing and automation engineer, Simon lives and breathes “all things that revolve around inbound marketing.”
Simon has a notable background in international business development and technology management, with a focus on digital innovation. As a data-driven inbound marketing scientist, he builds automated inbound marketing processes that attract traffic to client websites, convert traffic into new leads, and transform leads into new business. His specialties include engineering and implementing client content marketing campaigns through websites, landing pages, email workflows, and calls to action that always portray the client’s most authentic voice and story.
Simon earned his Electronics Engineering degree (with focus on telecommunications and multimedia) at Universidad Simón Bolívar (Miranda State, Venezuela) and is Inbound Marketing certified.

What’s in Simon’s DNA?

Although he’s a digital scientist, Simon is also a born storyteller who expresses creativity and vision through technology. He says, “Storytelling is everything. Nothing can be taught, learned, expressed, or sold without a good story. The human brain will always understand and internalize stories before analytics and data, so storytelling is always the optimal way to connect with people”.

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