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Meet The Team


Leslie Coleman

Account Service Alchemist

Leslie Coleman is an exceptional listener who plays well with others. She has applied these qualities – along with three decades of marketing and writing experience, an Associate’s Degree in Professional Photography, and a BA degree in Journalism—to develop and implement numerous national public-awareness programs that have positively affected millions of people. 

All of which suits Leslie just fine, since her life’s goal is to work in a capacity that both directly and indirectly helps people live better lives.

Leslie has come to the right place to pursue that goal. At Legacy DNA, she is able to help transform stakeholder’s lives through the essential analytical and project-management support she provides to Legacy DNA’s healthcare clients, providing strategic direction for creative professionals, while moving projects along hyper-efficiently from beginning to fruition. 

Leslie also finds great pleasure in producing creative work that motivates people to take action. “I love being part of a team that develops a fact-based strategic direction and pays it off with compelling creative that offers clients outstanding solutions,” she says.

What’s in Leslie’s DNA? 

In Leslie’s spare time, she employs her communications expertise in offering volunteer communications services to an injured-veterans sled-hockey team and an equine-therapy ranch. “I’m passionate about serving those who served our country,” she explains.

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