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Meet The Team

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Jesse Pennington, MSMC

Website Scientist

Ask Jesse his thoughts on digital marketing innovation and you’ll get an easy answer: “It’s all about bringing the right message to the right audience in as few clicks as possible.”

Jesse leads Legacy DNA’s client website development and maintenance activities. Throughout his career, where he has built and deployed websites for innumerable clients – from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies – Jesse has taken the complexities of digital marketing communications – through digital engagement and inbound marketing platforms, websites, workflows, campaigns, and engagement measurement and honed them into a true digital science. Today, he makes this science – and all of its benefits – accessible to Legacy DNA’s healthcare clients. 

Since 2011, Jesse has maintained several Hubspot certifications – one of the world’s leading digital inbound marketing platforms, as well as many others.  He earned his BS degree in Digital Media and his MS degree in Mass Communications from Southern Illinois University.

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