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Meet The Team


Amy McIntyre

Visual Storyteller

Amy McIntyre is an artist, a visual storyteller, a branding expert who understands how to create client differentiation through evocative design, illustrations, photography, and more. Amy’s work leaves those who experience it saying, “A picture really is worth a thousand words.”

Amy holds a BA of Fine Arts degree, and brings to Legacy DNA more than 20 years’ experience developing visionary creative concepts and campaigns for a wide range of industries including healthcare, government, aerospace, entertainment, hospitality, academics, and retail.

In this work, she has developed print and digital assets as well as 3D product renderings and illustrations for such companies as: AAA, Axium Healthcare Pharmacy (part of The Kroger Co.), Disney Cruise Line, Disney Imagineering, Disneyland, Flossolution, Lake Worth and Ocoee cities, Lockheed Martin, Orlando Health, Peabody Hilton, U-Haul, Wal-Mart, Walt Disney World, and others.

What’s in Amy’s DNA?

“I believe that visual stories should speak to every age, stage, and phase of life, whether it’s business or personal,” she says. She demonstrates that versatility in her work as a noted children’s book illustrator for Sammy’s Adventures in Ocean City, NJ.

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