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Meet The Team

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Amanda Gaid

Social Media Manager

Amanda Gaid may have started her marketing career with a traditionally-focused advertising and public relations degree from the University of Central Florida, but she now lives and breathes, as she puts it, “All Things Internet.” She admits, “I’m kind of obsessed with the Internet.”

As a social-media guru, Amanda applies her eight years of rich experience and interests to find unique ways of capturing audiences’s attention and exceeding clients’ expectations through the social-media world’s most effective channels. To add to her intellectual repertoire since college, she’s been studying brand management through advertising, public relations, and Internet marketing, all of which makes her a natural extension of the Legacy DNA team. 

What’s in Amanda’s DNA?

“When I’m not logged in, you can find me doing something equally creative, like painting, sculpting, playing my ukulele,” she says. “Or, you’ll find me planning my next adventure trip to explore the far corners of the globe.”

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