The first step toward maximizing market success
is evaluating your current strategy.

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This assessment helps you better understand where you are in the commercialization process while illuminating strategy
gaps. Innovators who score 85 or higher have a greater likelihood of achieving commercial success.


We provide marketing services exclusively to our COIQ customers.

As Dr. Roxie mentioned above, Legacy DNA has shifted focus from just marketing to market strategy. This means that we still provide marketing services, but only for our COIQ customers who invest in a bigger market strategy.

Everything we do is laser-focused on a single goal: maximizing the success of your innovation among early adopters. Branding and Content Marketing are two tactics we offer our clients to help them gain and increase adoption.

Make sure your brand is as as your product.

Your brand is far more than a logo, a swatch of colors, or boring stock photos. It’s the story you tell to inspire people to buy. It’s the cornerstone of who you are, what you stand for, and how you connect to the hearts and minds of your target audiences.

We help our COIQ™ customers build brands that are just as unique and revolutionary as their innovations.



There’s a lot of content out there. A whole lot. So how will your brand rise above all the noise? To have an effective content strategy and gain the attention of your target markets, you have to know the unique market characteristics of innovators and early adopters, as well as the media that influence them.

Every piece of content should weave trust, credibility, and purpose to build relationships between your innovation and your audiences.

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