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Many people will launch a new product, but few will commercialize it.

This free strategy guide uncovers insights and actionable tips as you learn the critical difference between launching and commercializing a healthcare innovation. Learn which strategies will maximize your success now.

Learn in a few days what took me 20 years of business practice, 7 years of researching over 500+ peer-reviewed articles, and 160+ interviews with health innovators.

  • This guide explains the distinguishing factors between launching and commercializing, and why you can't afford to mix them up.
  • You'll also learn the Commercialization of Innovation (COI) model, including the 3 strategic lenses through which new products move and decisions are made to maximize ROI.
  • Plus, get a bonus that will illuminate whether you're on the path to profitability right now, or if you need to swiftly change course.
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“Dr. Roxie’s secret weapon is her ability to effectively translate an academic approach into real-life execution.”

Stacie Ruth, Co-Founder and CEO of AireHealth

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