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Are you a healthcare leader trying to commercialize your innovation, but don’t have the commercialization expertise or bandwidth to ensure market success?

Frankly, there are a lot of things that can go wrong when launching and commercializing an innovation in the healthcare market. Just look at the data…approximately 95% of new product innovations brought to market fail to reach an adequate level of customer acceptance and financial performance.

When you don’t have a proven commercialization framework, you risk market failure and limit your revenue potential. We will help you make the right commercialization decisions for your innovation and develop your plan for you with the Done for You (DFY) option.

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Why Hire A Team of CoI Experts?

It’s impossible for an innovator to know or do everything. Entrepreneurs have a whole lot on their plates and often the best CoI strategies are hidden in plain sight. It’s also likely that internal marketing teams don’t have the bandwidth or the CoI expertise. That’s why we’re here: we solve the healthcare CoI gaps.

See a Snapshot of Our Commercialization of Innovation (CoI) Framework

Our model includes three interrelated sub-strategies through which new products move and decisions are made to maximize ROI.

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Each sub-strategy is a coherent set of commercialization decisions with different goals.

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Early Adoption Strategy

Stimulate the diffusion of the innovation in the early market to encourage consumers to develop positive attitudes about the product or service before anyone else.

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Adoption Network Strategy

Obtain support from critical players in the adoption network, necessary for enabling the diffusion of the innovation in the mainstream market.

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Mainstream Adoption Strategy

Stimulate the diffusion of the innovation in the mainstream market.

Each of these sub-strategies includes a deliberate mix of strategic and tactical concepts systematically designed to achieve a specific result.

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Each of these eight concepts affect customer acceptance and the financial performance achieved by the innovation.

You’ll see exactly how you can stimulate the diffusion of your innovation in the early market and obtain support from critical players in the adoption network to maximize ROI. We walk your team through considerations like:

SHOULD you choose a first-mover or fast-follower timing strategy?

HOW do you target the small group of customers who will first purchase your innovation?

WHAT key strategic partnerships and alliances are needed to create legitimacy and credibility for your company?

WHAT features and functionality should be part of your minimal viable product?

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You have a healthcare innovation. We have a proven commercialization framework to help you circumvent failure and maximize ROI.