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of Healthcare Innovation

We turned the unknown grey area of how to commercialize a healthcare innovation into a precise science. While so many others use guesswork, we use a predictable proven process — delivered on your terms — to help you circumvent market failure, increase customer adoption, and maximize ROI.

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CoI stands for commercialization of innovation. IQ is for intelligence.

With any of our done for you (DFY), do it yourself (DIY), done with you (DWY), or coaching solutions, you’ll raise your CoI’Q.

Commercialization of Healthcare Innovation Plan
Done for You (DFY)

Research indicates over 95% of innovations brought to market fail to reach commercial success and market acceptance — even when they are technically and functionally superior to competing solutions. Success requires several layers of well-researched strategy and tactful planning that go from product and service development to branding strategies, to targeting and timing strategies, and more. It’s a tried and true formula — a precise process – known as commercialization of innovation (CoI).

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CoI'Q Blueprint 
Do It Yourself (DIY)

Commercialization is the costliest phase of the innovation process, yet it is often the least well-managed stage. The CoI’Q Blueprint is a 40+ page in-depth commercialization master plan that provides the framework for the first phase of your CoI early adoption strategy. This blueprint will help you focus all your energy around two common goals: customer adoption and ROI from your innovation.

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CoI'Q Cohort 
Ongoing Group Coaching

Ideal for innovators who are dealing with commercialization challenges. Join a group of fellow health innovators who face similar roadblocks and spend time each month working through specific problems, such as product, timing, targeting, positioning, partnerships and alliances, distribution, and communication strategies plus other mission-critical issues.

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CoI'Q Consulting 
1 on 1 Coaching

We love working with innovators directly. However, we are selective about who we work with and very specific about how we work with them. If you’re interested in having us help your company privately, the application process starts with you completing the survey.

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CoI'Q Workshop 
One Time Group Coaching

Gather your team and get ready to raise your CoI’Q — onsite and in person — with Dr. Roxie. This supercharged half or full-day workshop includes a dynamic mix of presentation, in-depth exploration, and interactive exercises. Through this workshop, you’ll become deeply immersed in the CoI methodology, gain insights into the collective set of strategic and tactical decisions involved in the commercialization process, and learn how to avoid and overcome common pitfalls.

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Boost Your ROI with Agile Healthcare Marketing Practices

Instead of robust, static annual plans that quickly become outdated, we use real-time data insights and 90-day planning cycles to help our clients achieve better healthcare marketing outcomes. 

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Smallest Effort.
Biggest Impact.

This process helps ensure we’re always working on the items that matter most to your success.

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Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time data gives us the flexibility to change strategies and tactics based on performance metrics.

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