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CoIQ Coaching and Consulting

For Health Innovators Who Want to Maximize ROI

Everyone needs help and advice when tackling healthcare commercialization challenges. Work with Dr. Roxie and other health innovators to circumvent failure and drive more success.

Looking for strategic insights, peer-to-peer collaboration, and actionable advice?

The CoIQ Cohort might be right for you. Join a group of fellow health innovators with similar challenges in a supportive environment where everyone is taking risks, making bold choices, and take steps to create a new future.

Each month, spend quality time working through specific challenges, such as product strategies, product-market fit, business model development, niche-offer-result alignment, obtaining clinical or medical validation, and other mission-critical issues.

How the CoIQ Cohort Works

Each health innovator joins a cohort of 12 fellow health innovators. You’re welcome to join an existing cohort and jump right in or wait for a new cohort to start from the very beginning.

Every month, we meet on the same day, at the same time, via conference call and/or video chat. This allows you to schedule critical time to work ON your business instead of being marginalized IN your business.

Below is a sample of the 12-month program we work through in this cohort. Dates and times for this cohort are flexible depending on the people who sign up.

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  • Session 1    CoI Framework
  • Session 2    Product Strategies
  • Session 3    Segmenting the Marketing with Targeting Strategies
  • Session 4    Timing and Market Entry Strategies
  • Session 5    Product-Market Fit and Positioning Strategies
  • Session 6    Setting and Managing Pricing For Profit
  • Session 7    Fostering the Adoption Network
    with Partnership & Alliance Strategies
  • Session 8    Optimizing Delivery Channels
  • Session 9    Minimum Viable Marketing and Attracting New Customers
  • Session 10  Closing New Customers
  • Session 11  Evaluating Your Own Commercialization Performance
  • Session 12  What’s Working, What’s Not and
    An Action Plan For Improvement

Sometimes All You Need Is A Day With Dr. Roxie + Your Team

How the CoIQ Workshop Works

Looking to increase your team’s knowledge about the commercialization of healthcare innovation framework? The CoIQ Workshop might be right for you. Gather your team and get ready to raise your CoIQ — onsite or in person — with Dr. Roxie, a noted authority and instructor on healthcare CoIQ.

This super-charged half or full-day workshop includes a dynamic mix of presentations, in-depth explorations, and interactive exercises. Through this workshop, you’ll become deeply immersed in the CoI methodology, gain insights into the collective set of strategic and tactical decisions involved in the commercialization process, and learn how to avoid and overcome common pitfalls that can stop your innovation in its tracks.

This gives you and your team strategic CoI insights and actionable steps you can take to circumvent failure and optimize market success.

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Sometimes 1-on-1
Works Better

We love working with health innovators directly. However, we’re selective about who we work with and we’re very specific about how we work with them. If you’re interested in having us help your company privately, the application process starts with you completing the form below.

How CoIQ Consulting Works

After you’ve completed the form below and we've had a chance to review your answers, we’ll schedule a 30-minute discovery call to continue getting to know each other.

After the application process is completed, and we agree it’s going to be a good match, we’ll work out the details associated with the engagement including length, structure, content to be covered, and more.

CoIQ Consulting services are available in hour-long blocks. Most health innovators book one-to-two hours a month. Typically consulting engagements are via the phone or video.

If you’re interested in applying for private consulting services, start by completing the form below. Then, imagine the potential success that’s waiting for your innovation with help from the healthcare CoIQ experts.