What Every Healthcare Brand Needs to Know About the Pendulum Effect

We all know how a pendulum works: the weight reliably swings back and forth between its two opposite sides. But did you know that this theory carries into real life? “The Pendulum Effect” is a theory that discusses how Western society’s public opinion shows the same pattern on a large scale. Every 40 years, we cycle between a general “me” mentality versus a “we” mentality.

So what does this mean for the healthcare industry? Catering your attitude, messaging, and communication efforts to these general shifts can help your brand stay relevant and ensure you’re contributing to the healthcare of the future.

Tailoring Your Healthcare Marketing Message

We Versus Me

So how exactly do these two mentalities differ? As you can guess, the “we” mentality is collective. It values individuals conforming as a team, working together, and staying connected to each other. The “we” attitude strengthens a society’s sense of purpose and community, while working together to solve common problems. It admires those with a sense of personal responsibility, humility, and thoughtfulness.

Me, Me, Me

The “me” mentality is individualistic. It holds higher values in personal liberty and freedom of expression. It glorifies the ability of each person to have big dreams, coupled with infinite ability to follow them and march to the beat of our own drum. During this cycle, society values confidence and decisiveness, with a special attraction to those who stand apart from the crowd.

Pendulum Effect solidarity teamwork 03

2016 Is a Time of “We!”

According to the theory, we entered the “we” cycle in 2003, which means we should be swinging back to the “me” cycle in 2043. Until then, we’re projected to be in a state of solidarity and teamwork, generally speaking. We’re about a quarter of a way into an age of uniting for the common good.

So what this says to healthcare brands is to embrace the empathy of our time in ways that speak to a collectivistic society. This is especially beneficial, as healthcare in general is an industry of solidarity – of helping others, of working together to heal each other on both a large and small scale.

What Does it All Mean?

Experts predict that during this time, a trend will grow in which society has a greater demand for oversight and transparency in the care that’s available. The digital age is the perfect channel through which this happens. Think about it – with the massive shift toward Internet research, mobile apps, cloud solutions, and all-things-digital, we’re communicating more purely and swiftly than ever before.

This makes me think of a perfect Spider Man quote: “With great power comes great responsibility.” We, as healthcare providers, owe it to society to spearhead the “we” movement by being authentic, open, honest, and available – connecting with the public in new, innovative ways that speak to our need to function as a team.

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