The ‘PayPal’ of healthcare: How to build an innovation customers will use w/ Timothy Kelley



The process is well known: before you learn to run, you learn to walk. And before you learn to walk, you learn to crawl.

So why do so many entrepreneurs start at the end and develop a technology first, only to then be challenged with finding a problem and forcing them to fit?

When it comes to healthcare technology, Timothy Kelley, CEO of TeleRay, has some experience in this process.

There's a lot of innovation out there that's technically advanced, and could be very powerful - but it's not user-friendly or practical, and that means it’s not used as intended.

And while it may sound like a paradox, crawling first, though slower than running, will get you where you need to be faster: in a better position for market adoption.

Tune in and discover why innovation is great, but if that innovation is not also useful, used, and practical, it’s going to have a much harder time with market adoption.


Here are the show highlights:

  • This is the real definition of innovation (4:49)
  • A 3-step commercialization strategy (10:59)
  • The distinction between gaining customers versus growing your network (14:25)
  • How patient engagement impacts businesses forward trajectory (19:12)
  • The ‘PayPal’ of healthcare (22:28)
  • Marketing: word of mouth and the influence on customer advocacy (25:47)


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Guest Bio

Timothy Kelley is CEO of TeleRay, the telehealth radiology technology leader for the management and distribution of medical images and patient information.

His experience in business planning, marketing pharmacy benefit management, pharmaceutical sales, and medical equipment distribution, helped set the stage for TeleRay.

As CEO of TeleRay, Tim continues to develop the company's vision of becoming the de facto standard of communications in healthcare.

Tim has studied psychology and executive communications and growth at Northwestern University - Kellogg School of Management.

If you’d like to reach out, you can find him on LinkedIn at Timothy Kelley, on his webpage at, or email him at