The 3 Unspoken Languages of Healthcare Innovation w/ Dr. Paul Markham

"You've got to do your homework. Know what the target customer's pain points are at all three different levels. It has to be about them, not about you or me." -Dr. Paul Markham

Many healthcare innovators fail to get any traction because they don’t take the time to learn the unwritten rules and principles of the industry. What are the rules and languages that govern healthcare, and how do we become better skilled at using them to guide our approach? How can you cross the chasm from pilot to mainstream?

 On this episode, I’m joined by President of Health Strategy at V3, Dr. Paul Markham, who talks about the mistakes innovators are making and how we can correct them.



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3 Things You'll Learn

  • Why some healthcare innovations fail and others succeed
  • The unwritten rules of successful commercialization
  • Three most important unspoken languages in healthcare: data, doctors, and dollars.

The truth about healthcare is: if there’s no financial benefit or forcing factor, there’ll be no reason for an innovation to happen. This means that as we sell our innovations, we have to tell the right story and get buy-in from the right people. Understand how data, doctors and dollars play into it, and tailor your approach to get the messages through to different people.

If our innovations can generate revenue and change the business of healthcare, we’ll have incredible clinical outcomes, and the quality metrics will go through the roof.


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Guest Bio
Dr. Paul A. Markham is the President of Health Strategy at V3, a global healthcare business & academic strategist and natural transformational leader. He is a trusted advisor in influencing and shaping the future of Healthcare IT, with a Doctorate focused on Leadership Adoption and efficacy in Medicine, and is always at the cutting edge of technology trends. Currently leading Blockchain, ICO and Genomics at the intersection of deep learning and artificial intelligence. Connect with him on LinkedIn.