Strategize, Specialize, Innovate: How to Differentiate Your Specialty Pharmacy

As a specialty pharmacy, you’re delivering an extremely valuable service – valuable to your patients, valuable to yourself, and valuable to the healthcare industry as a whole. The value of specialty pharmacy is in itself a separate blog, but to cut to the chase: it reaps both quantifiable, financial value as well as the invaluable gift of improving quality and longevity of life for those who are seriously ill.

It’s no wonder, then, that the specialty pharmacy industry is experiencing a gold rush of sorts from providers and public/private sector payers. As we witness the advancement of chronic disease management and specialty medication development, we also witness a consequent demand for qualified, specialized, and innovative pharmacies to deliver them. That’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure you differentiate your specialty pharmacy, ensuring your pharmacy stands out from the crowd. But how can you accomplish this? It starts with patient-centered care.

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Get Into Their Heads

We’re not all the same person, so why should every patient be treated the same? We understand drug protocols. And, we all know that sticking to the care plan is a critical foundation for the health outcomes of those with chronic disease. But it’s wishful thinking to assume that every person will learn, think, desire, behave, and react the same way to an instruction or piece of information.

To get through to each person, we need to understand them. We need to know the bases for their attitudes and behaviors. Breakthrough sciences like Mind Genomics are helping clinicians and pharmacists to see into the minds of their patients to determine how best to communicate with them. By understanding what drives an individual, you can better “speak their language” to build a stronger connection, evoke more personal resonance, and encourage the right behaviors to achieve their optimal health outcomes.

Innovate through Specialization

It’s not called specialty pharmacy for nothing. Those that specialize in particular therapies and offer advanced clinical programs can deliver more targeted – and more effective – services. For example, consider a program specifically geared toward oral chemotherapy management. This program may manage patient medication therapy, monitor dispensing, and execute clinical interventions at designated intervals. As a result, it could help boost adherence through more personalized communication, while reducing medication waste and hospital admissions.

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Harness New Technologies

Every day, we’re seeing new healthcare technology that’s pushing the envelope on the way care is delivered. Advancements like mobile health apps and telehealth/telemedicine are working to streamline the way providers and patients communicate and exchange critical health information. If people are spending hours a day on their smartphones and computers, why not explore how these technologies can be integrated with their care plan?

Specialty pharmacies have a critical need to be more targeted and strategic in their operations, communications, and problem-solving. Strategize, specialize and innovate: Make a difference and find success by breaking through the healthcare haze.