How to turn the focus from tech-centered to customer-centered w/ Steve Sapot



One of the most critical components of a successful startup is the startup’s understanding of their customer - but what happens if you’ve got a tech-centered origin?

Making the investment in customer discovery is hard enough, but it gets even tougher when the data you dig up warns that you might be on the wrong path - and need to pivot your focus.

Steve Sapot, Perimeter Medical Imaging AI’s Chief Commercial Officer, used customer discovery strategies to quickly reveal his organization’s need to shift its focus. 

Armed with the strong leadership necessary for such a challenge, the Perimeter team rolled up their sleeves and began the work of pivoting their strategy, and are now primed for success.

In this episode, Steve talks openly and candidly about strong leadership, the value to be found in a good customer discovery strategy, and what it takes to have both.


Here are the show highlights:

  • How to shift an organization to a customer-focus (1:35)
  • Why it’s necessary to “get” uncomfortable  (8:39)
  • How COVID re-humanized the workforce (10:03)
  • The right kind of decision making to target early adopters (18:39)
  • This is how you know you’re a true leader (22:59)
  • How your company looks today may differ in 90 days - and why that's okay (28:47)


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Guest Bio

Steve Sapot is the Chief Commercial Officer at Perimeter Medical Imaging AI, an organization working to improve the lives and surgical experience of breast cancer patients.

A keen sales executive, Steve has a passion for stacking organizations with top talent and then empowering those teams.

Specializing in turning a strategic vision into strong commercial teams, Steve has consistently brought successful plans to the table, resulting in an outperformance of organizational goals.

Steve BA in communications from the University of Arizona and has built a solid and respected  career in medical technology. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Steve after the show, feel free to reach out to him via email at or on his company’s website at