How to scale smarter, faster, better w/ Steve Ardire



Whether you’re looking to break into AI, streamline your commercialization journey, or bring the next big disruptive innovation to market - you need to know how to scale.

Steve Ardire knows a thing or two about scaling a business and the key decisions that go hand in hand with doing so, faster and better.

Let’s face it, startups face a lot of challenges. We tend to fall into “friendly” traps and sometimes hyper-focus on landing those big-name deals.

Steve is here to give our listeners some tips on how to avoid those pitfalls, while serving up some tried and true strategies to help you stay focused on your end goals.

So, if you built a startup, your next move is to scale it - smarter, faster, and better. You’re going to want to watch this episode!


Here are the show highlights:

  • The biggest challenge to startups (6:05)
  • The fundamental flaws of “friendlies” (9:25)
  • Key decisions that help in the commercialization journey (24:36)
  • How to shape serendipity by connecting and illuminating the dots (25:29)
  • The next disruptive innovation (31:04)
  • What to look for when choosing AI technologies (33:20)

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Guest Bio

Steve Ardire is an AI Startup Advisor and “Force Multiplier” who shapes serendipity by connecting and illuminating dots that matter.

Steve has built his AI career by leveraging deep relationship capital with recognized personal brands.

A life-long ​”intentional learner,” Steve treats every experience as an opportunity to learn with curiosity and a growth mindset. If you’d like to reach out to Steve, you can find him on LinkedIn at Steve Ardire or on Twitter at @forcemultstevea.