How Amazon’s growth principles apply to healthcare w/ Steve Anderson, author of “The Bezos Letters”



Technology: you know it’s a good thing, but it changes so fast - sometimes you just need someone who can break it down, parcel it out, and help make sense of it all.

Steve Anderson’s interest in technology  was so compelling, he left his career in insurance to build his own business helping other companies do just that: make sense of all that technology.

After discovering early shareholder letters penned by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, he began making the connections between cutting edge technology, customer obsession, and Amazon’s success.

“The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon” is the result of those letters and Steve’s research on the guiding principles that helped build a trillion dollar company. 

Humble, funny, and incredibly insightful, Steve delivers insights and knowledge you do not want to miss out on. If you want to run your business like Bezos, you want to watch this show!

So, grab a notebook and a pen because you’re going to want to take notes.


Here are the show highlights:

  • What successful failure is and why it’s a thing (9:22)
  • How to practice dynamic invention and innovation (14:52) 
  • The importance of having every employee think like an owner (17:42)
  • The key practice that is a sure path to profit (22:16)
  • What customer obsession really looks like (28:31)
  • Why technology is a big value add for customers (37:05)

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Guest Bio

Steve Anderson parlayed his early days in the insurance industry into a career as a speaker and consultant on technology and risk.

Steve is a firm believer that we can all impact our world and make our marks for the better through a risk and growth mindset.

So sure, in fact, that he authored the best-selling book: “The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business like Amazon.”

Steve earned his BS in Business Administration and Economics from Taylor University and his Masters in Legal Studies and Insurance Law from the University of the District of Columbia.

Check out “The Bezos Letters” at or, if you’d like to reach out to Steve, you can connect with him on LinkedIn at Steve Anderson.