From a side hustle to a successful exit w/ Shawn Zimmerman



Most successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they had a plan from the start - it was all figured out and they just followed their path to success! Did they really?

When you’re at the pinnacle it’s often easy to forget the trials and challenges it took to get to that lofty spot - and rightly so because it’s a lot of grueling work. You earned a break.

But that’s just exactly the thing: it’s work. Very few people begin commercialization of a solution with a plan they follow to the letter. Things happen - changes come along - adaptation is necessary.

Then there’s folks like Shawn Zimmerman who showed up to the party without much of a plan at all. He just had a good idea that he knew one organization needed.

It took some hustling on his end to craft a solution that he, at first, thought was niche - only to find out that every hospital organization needed what he was building. And he was off to the races.

Whether you’re having a difficult time trusting your instincts or just second guessing yourself out of a successful commercialization run, you need to give yourself a break and listen to Shawn’s story - then get back to the hard work of reaching your pinnacle!


Here are the show highlights:

  • If you can build it and deploy it: COMMERCIALIZE IT (6:41)
  • How to transition from a side hustle to a viable business (8:01)
  • So, you’re building a business….what happens next? (13:38)
  • Sometimes successful plans aren’t planned at all - they just happen (17:56)
  • Success doesn’t always look like a billion dollar IPO (22:59)
  • Why it’s smart to never undervalue your solution (31:37)


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Guest Bio

Shawn Zimmerman is the Vice President of Product Development at AccuReg, a healthcare industry software designer.

Over the last two decades, Shawn has held many positions in the healthcare industry, allowing him to gain unique and real insights into the daily challenges of health institutions.

His hands-on approach has earned him a wide range of skills in the healthcare industry, where he leverages his experience in order to provide innovative software solutions. If you’d like to talk to Shawn about AccuReg’s work, or simply wish to reach out to him, you can find him on LinkedIn at Shawn Zimmerman.