How Health System Adoption, Hiring Models & Consumer Behavior Impacts the Success of Innovations w/Roger Jansen


"We don’t have a healthcare system in the US. System implies that there’s a process connecting things to get an outcome. What we have is every hospital for itself." -Roger Jansen


The healthcare system we have is incredibly complex, cumbersome and expensive, and that makes it extremely difficult to innovate within it. What are some of the barriers that innovators are running up against, and how can we mitigate them? How do we take consumer expectations and behavior into account? How does the healthcare model contribute to a lack of innovation within the system?

On this episode, I’m joined by HealthEco CEO and Co-Founder, Roger Jansen. We talk about how to overcome the execution, adoption and implementation issues in innovation.



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3 Things You'll Learn

1. Human adoption plays a huge role in successful commercialization.

The barrier to the adoption of healthcare often isn’t whether the product is a better innovation. It’s actually more about people being willing to emotionally process change to do something differently. The consumer will be slow on the emotional side and won’t want to change to a new innovation easily, especially when it’s a transformative product, not just an enhancement of an existing solution.

2. The payment model of healthcare separates it from other consumer products.

Free market principles don’t necessarily apply to healthcare, and a lot of it has to do with the payer model. Because the consumer pays only a very small portion for the services they receive, people don’t shop the way they do for other consumer products.

3. Don’t talk about features, talk outcomes.

Frame up the problem as clearly as you can, don’t sell your innovation on the features. Sell very effectively on how the innovation makes life easier and better, not on how cool the technology is.


The healthcare sector has been harmed by a culture that doesn’t support new approaches, and it doesn’t even hire with a transformative intention. This has impeded innovation and made it impossible for change to come from within the system. All disruption in our industry comes from outside the system, but those innovators run into the same barriers and challenges. In order to succeed as innovators, we have to be focused on the problem we solve, not the features of our innovations. We have to think about the adoption of our solution, both on the consumer side, and from a health system perspective.

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Guest Bio

Roger Jansen, PhD is the CEO of HealthEco, and the Former Chief Strategy Officer at Spectrum Health. He is an award-winning healthcare senior executive who leads strategic initiatives, authors new products and solutions, steers large-scale change and innovation efforts, and fosters high-performing teams and culture. Go to for more information, and to get in touch, email