Patient co-creation: How to play the long game with novel tech in healthcare w/ Robert Niichel



Bringing about game-changing solutions in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space can be a daunting and difficult endeavor.

It takes patience, drive, determination, and the canny ability to play chess with marketing - you really need to look at the long game.

Robert Niichel is a master at playing three steps ahead and, on this week’s show, he sits down to discuss what it’s like to play that game with a product you know is going to change the market.

From development to commercialization to marketing, Robert has the scoop on timing and focus that could be the game-changing combination other entrepreneurs are looking for.

So, stay awhile and listen as he touches on many key steps in the commercialization process that could help your company successfully bring a solution to market.


Here are the show highlights:

  • Why it’s the patient that drives the market (2:22)
  • This is how patient co-creation can keep you on track (4:47)
  • Ways COVID acted as a catalyst for changes in how we co-create (7:33)
  • Invest early and often - an education in marketing (10:43)
  • Need to get the word out? Podcasting is where it’s at (14:22)
  • When raising capital, be sure to fund for the long haul (19:22)

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Guest Bio

Robert Niichel is CEO and Founder of SmartTab, a digital medicine company developing wireless ingestible drug delivery technologies to dramatically improve patient outcomes.

Both a healthcare entrepreneur and visionary, Robert is the host of the digital health innovation podcast “Who Would Have Thought”.

In addition, he has leveraged over 20 years of experience in leadership and management of Pharmaceutical R&D to acquire numerous pharma/delivery system patents.

Robert earned his MS in Biochemistry from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and his BS in Finance Economics from Iowa State University.

If you’d like to reach out to Robert, you can find him on LinkedIn at Robert Niichel, on his webpage at, or email him at