Our own pivot: Why we’re rebranding the show w/ Dr. Roxie



When you’re an entrepreneur, sometimes, it’s harder to see the forest for the trees, especially when you’re a tree in the very forest you’re examining.

And make no mistake, this is true no matter what field or vertical you’re in - you’re going to see someone else's strategic failures or faults before you see your own. 

Now for the good news: it’s normal and it’s fixable - so long as you’re willing to do the hard, honest work it will take to identify problems and make the changes necessary to fix them. 

On this week’s episode, we shook things up a bit and interviewed our own Dr. Roxie Mooney on her decision to change the name of her podcast from COIQ with Dr. Roxie to The Health Innovators Show.

Dr. Roxie gives us the backstory on COIQ and why a name change “just made sense.”  


Here are the show highlights:

  • What COIQ Means (0:55)
  • The “Dr. Phil” of Commercializing Innovation (2:44)
  • Knowing when to take your own advice (4:01)
  • How Commercialization of Innovation helps in a volatile market (6:13)
  • Why taking an honest look at your business strategy can be a game changer (8:42)
  • On the wrong path? Change directions! (10:41)



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