Physician Co-Creation, Multi-Sided Markets & Planning Early for Commercialization w/Robbie Cape and Brad Younggren


"You have to fail, learn, change and grow. The sooner you get that cycle going, the better." -Robbie Cape

Many health innovators focus so much on building their technology solution that they forget to create the important building blocks of a business. How do you build muscle into the DNA of your business? How can you overcome some of the barriers to successful commercialization? How are healthcare brands weaving physicians into the product co-creation process, and what difference is it making?

On this episode, we’re joined by the CEO and Chief Medical Officer of 98point6, Robbie Cape and Brad Younggren, who share their commercialization journey and lessons learned.

3 Things You'll Learn

1. How to build muscle into your business strategy.

 Too often innovators focus solely on raising money and building tech. They think intangibles such as vision, mission, values, culture and employee engagement are things that can be added down the road. Then, they miss the benefits of having a strong foundation early on. 98point6 shares how developing 4 core muscles made a huge difference in their commercial success.

2. How to leverage physician insights throughout each phase of product development.

Brilliantly, the 98point6 team allowed their physicians to drive the company's product development efforts. This led to building stronger relationships with their staff, a deeper understanding of the problems they were seeking to solve, and raving fans destined to stimulate adoption.

3. How to disrupt a market category and still win over stakeholders.

There’s a huge difference between coming into the healthcare industry as a competitor and coming into the industry with the intention to solve the most pressing challenges for a audience segment in a collaborative way. It was more powerful to come alongside the primary care community so their company wasn't viewed as threat.


Innovators often focus mostly on raising money and building the technology. They think the vision, mission, values, culture and employee engagement are things that can be built-in down the road. The problem is, they miss the benefits of building these things into the system early on. In order to successfully commercialize, it helps to be deeply integrated with the people who will eventually become your customers and pay for your service. You do that by thinking beyond the technology and considering the greater ecosystem and stakeholders who are critical to your business.

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Guest Bio

Robbie is the CEO and co-founder of 98point6. He passionately believes everyone deserves excellent, affordable primary care. With that in mind, he co-founded 98point6 in 2015 to harness the power of technology to improve both access and quality of care. Robbie’s 25-year career has centered around building consumer technology businesses and products, including founding Cozi Inc., where he served as CEO from its inception until it was acquired by Time Inc. in 2014. Under Robbie’s leadership, Cozi became the number one brand in the family technology category, with more than 14 million family members in 150 countries.

He spent the first 12 years of his career at Microsoft, where he led projects that included Microsoft Money, a program he ushered to profitability. Robbie holds a BS in engineering from Princeton University. He lives on Mercer Island with his wife, three children and their standard poodle Gingi.

Brad is the Chief Medical Officer at 98point6. Brad joined 98point6 in 2017, bringing nearly 20 years of experience working as a physician, most recently serving as chief medical officer at Cue. He also served as chief medical officer at Shift Labs and Mobisante. Brad still practices as an emergency physician at EvergreenHealth and is medical director of emergency preparedness, trauma and urgent care. He received his BA from UCLA and his medical degree from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He has earned both a Bronze Star and the Combat Medic Badge for his service in Iraq as a United States Army physician. Brad enjoys traveling through Central America with his twin daughters and is passionate about designing global health solutions. Go to

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