Don’t boil the ocean: How to launch with success w/ Patrick Tarnowski



Over the years, we’ve had leaders, consultants, advisors - just about every manner of representation in the healthcare leadership ecosystem - but never one that had them all covered!

And then there was Patrick Tarnowski, founder of PTx2 Healthcare Consulting - a healthcare ecosystem veteran with over 30 years of exposure to healthcare and innovation.

With more than half our listeners and viewers trying to sell to a provider market, hospital system, or health plan, there have been many challenges we’ve faced and opportunities missed.

Patrick sits down with us this week to share his insights and experiences in bringing successful healthcare solutions to market - from every side of the coin, and without trying to boil the ocean.

It doesn’t matter who your target market is for this one because there’s something for everyone.


Here are the show highlights:

  • This is how to successfully navigate long sales cycles (8:10)
  • Understanding your solution is as important as understanding your technology (15:13)
  • Is it a sale or is it a discovery? (20:55)
  • Why you shouldn’t try to boil the ocean (27:30)
  • Seek market understanding over product validation (30:06)
  • Don’t bypass the healthcare ecosystem hooplah! (38:03)


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Guest Bio

Patrick is the founder of PTx2 Healthcare Consulting – a firm that specializes in helping small/early-stage companies understand and successfully navigate the healthcare ecosystem.

Over 30 years in healthcare leadership roles has culminated in a passion for helping innovators and founders navigate the complexities of the healthcare ecosystem. 

Pat has successfully launched and scaled care delivery companies, digital solutions that included health and wellbeing, disease management, and virtual care, and worked with providers to achieve success in value-based payment models.

If you’d like more information about PTx2 Healthcare Consulting, you can contact Pat directly on LinkedIn at Patrick Tarnowski