Nurse-Led Innovation & The Importance of Nursing Input in the Development of Technology w/Dr. Bonnie Clipper


"In order for technology to truly be successful, we have to enable it and leverage it but it also has to meet the needs of the workflows." -Dr. Bonnie Clipper

There are four times as many nurses as doctors in the healthcare field. However, input from nurses is often overlooked or ignored in the innovation process. How is leaving nurses, a valuable stakeholder group, out of the equation doing a disservice to the whole industry? What valuable skills and information do nurses bring to product development and commercialization? How can including nurses' insights optimize the product co-creation process?

On this episode, I’m joined by nurse-led innovation thought leader, author, and international speaker, Dr. Bonnie Clipper, who shares on the importance of including nurses in innovation and how to build innovations that succeed.



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3 Things You'll Learn

1. Nurse insights are more critical than you realize at all levels of innovation

Innovation is about applying novel approaches or repurposing existing solutions in a way that brings value. Whether it saves money, streamlines a process or affords people more access, it has to truly do something different.

2. The viewpoints of physicians and surgical nurses are different from care nurses

While physicians are incredibly important, their vantage point and perceptions are very different from those of the nurses in the care setting. They are closer to the patients and families, and that gives them valuable information.

3. How nurses can help health innovators develop more commercially viable solutions

Nurses can help innovators zero-in on the right problem to define and how to approach it.
Often, technology is only part of the solution, and what nurses bring to the table are the workflows— which are extremely important in successful adoption.


Nurses play a huge role in the healthcare system, and that’s why it’s so important for their input to be weaved into every stage of innovation conception and development. In order to truly advance the work we do in healthcare and the lives of people we aim to help, nurses can’t be excluded. In healthcare innovation, the technology is just one part of the solution— human input is also necessary. Because of the perspectives nurses gain from the patients on the problems they face, their input can be the difference between the success and failure of an innovation.

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Guest Bio

Dr. Bonnie Clipper is a thought leader, author, and international speaker focusing on building cultures of innovation and advancing nurse-led innovation. She is the Chief Clinical Officer at Wambi, and the former Vice President of Innovation for the American Nurses Association.

Go to to connect with her, follow her on Twitter @thoughtleaderRN, and on Instagram @rninnov8.