Mind Genomics: The Solution to Costly Trial and Error Healthcare Marketing

In the “ancient” age of marketing and communications, trial and error was primarily the norm. However, as the digital age has evolved, so have science, theory, and best practices. We’ve steadily gained a better understanding of our target audience and what motivates them to buy. We moved from demographics to psychographics to purchasing trends. Marketing leaders still often ask “How can I make my marketing efforts and spend work harder for my brand”? New mind science strategies, such as Mind Genomics, are leading to more educated decisions, more targeted marketing messages, and more ROI.

The Key to Effective Healthcare Marketing With Mind Genomics

We recently discussed the concept of Dr. Howard Moskowitz’s Mind Genomics and the ability to dissect the key mindsets and behaviors of our main consumers. (If you missed it, check out the post here.) Mind Genomics allows us to better explore our customers’ cognitive mindset, and thus develop extremely strategic messages and techniques for reaching and motivating them. I, along with many experts in the field, truly believe that Mind Genomics is the foundation for ditching the trial and error mentality that is commonly the driving force behind marketing in all industries.

Mind Genomics as a Healthcare Marketing Solution

It was once believed that understanding how to engage and motivate patients and healthcare professionals was a complex challenge only suitable for marketing magicians. Today, we’ve uncovered the key to understanding why people do what they do and how to get them to act in a particular way—Mind Genomics. With Mind Genomics, we can understand, predict, and change behaviors and health outcomes by tapping into the customers’ mind. It may sound creepy, I know. But, Mind Genomics is an empirically sound scientific solution to the costly trial and error approach to healthcare marketing.

Understanding Your Target Audience in Healthcare

Failing to Understand Your Target Audience

In today’s marketing landscape, we’re seeing a huge shift from B2B communications to B2C communications. This broad shift is taking place in all fields, and healthcare is no exception. People are taking their healthcare into their own hands. Healthcare consumers are being held more accountable and sharing more of the costs than ever before. Wellness services and early intervention tools are increasingly being sought out.

In order to effectively reach the target audience and maximize the return on your marketing spend, it’s critical to understand what makes them tick. While this is often based on consumer behavior observations coupled with theories and trial and error techniques, Mind Genomics offers brands a way to cut the clutter and access the most direct, important information about their audiences. What if you knew in advance exactly what messages would motivate a segment of your audience and what messages would discourage them? Likewise, what if you had these scientific insights about all your different market segments?

Trial and Error’s Literal and Figurative Costs

Even the most novice marketing professional can tell you that “trial and error” indicates there’s going to be some degree of error and waste. When you spend time and money on a strategy that doesn’t yield the results you need and want, that’s time and money you can’t get back. Even worse, trial and error marketing lends itself to less obvious costs. Speaking to your audience in the wrong way can cause damage to your brand and those valuable consumer relationships, causing irreparable damage.

Frankly, brands competing in today’s cutthroat business environment simply can’t afford the costs of trial and error marketing. Stay tuned as we continue to explore Mind Genomics and some tangible ways this mind science can help your brand to break through the healthcare haze.

How can Legacy DNA help?

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