Mind Genomics: Sequencing the Mind of the Consumer

Ever since the inception of consumerism, we’ve spent centuries toiling with the best tools, techniques, and formulas to sell our products and services to the people who need and want them. Marketing theories are virtually infinite – we want a tried and tested solution that works. So far, that has meant a lifetime of trial and error. But what if we could find a way to dissect and “map” a customer’s brain just as modern science can map a DNA sequence? This is where Mind Genomics comes in.

What Is Mind Genomics?

Created by Dr. Howard Moskowitz, Mind Genomics transforms ordinary, everyday experiences and mindsets into empirical science. Author of 24 books and celebrated experimental psychologist Dr. Moskowitz has spent years developing a way to map our minds. Mind Genomics works by examining the mindsets, beliefs, and opinions of different individuals regarding certain everyday topics.

These differing mindsets are divided into segments or clusters that are used to map out what consumers need, want, like, do not like, and what does not make any difference to them. This map can then be used as a baseline to predict how other individuals will fall into the same segments. In short, Mind Genomics works to sequence a consumer’s brain layer by layer to create a “template” that predicts how they’ll feel about new products, services, and messages.

How Mind Genomics Works

In the words of Dr. Moskowitz, Mind Genomics can be more simply thought of as a Yelp for how people think. Yelp users can quantitatively rate their experiences, thus giving insight into their thought processes and preferences. Five stars for that amazing Thai restaurant down the street; two stars for the lackluster facial from the local spa.

The Mind Genomics “rating” system gives us insight into how consumers feel and how certain ideas resonate with them – even when they cannot articulate it. We can then explore ideas and see mental patterns that allow us to build an inductive, applied science of the mind. As Dr. Moskowitz states, we are “measuring the world using the mind of man as our yardstick.”

Mind Genomics in Marketing

In the marketing realm, Mind Genomics streamlines how brands can effectively communicate with and motivate their target audiences by providing a way to sequence the consumers’ mind and provide personalized, actionable insights. It provides brands with a systematic approach to consumerism that’s backed by real data – which can essentially eliminate the more traditional “trial and error” approach to marketing and advertising. Instead of using external data to hypothesize how consumers will feel about our products, services, and marketing messages, why not delve into their brains to see it firsthand before you invest those marketing dollars?

Mind Genomics in Healthcare

This mind science is being applied in healthcare to improve the patient experience, increase patient compliance, and decrease healthcare costs. One approach can be found in a hospital setting, so clinical staff knows exactly what to say, what not to say, and to whom to motivate the right behaviors. The results of using Mind Genomics with one hospital resulted in higher job satisfaction, better patient engagement, and an 80% reduction in hospital readmission rates. Stay tuned for other stories on how Mind Genomics is being used to transform healthcare.