Behind the scenes with the world’s 1st true virtual global digital health accelerator with Michael Bidu



If you’re an innovator in the digital healthcare space who is having trouble commercializing your solution, this might be the episode you’ve been waiting for.

This week, Michael Bidu, a digital health innovation Renaissance man, is giving our listeners the nuts and bolts on accelerators and incubators.

If you were ever curious about how the accelerator or incubator side of innovation works, you don’t want to miss it!

Want to launch an innovation globally? Unsure of the current state of the market? Wondering if you have a disruptive or sustainable innovation? Michael touches on it. 

If you’re an entrepreneur in the digital health space, come grab some insights into what an accelerator looks for when considering an innovation!

Here are the show highlights:

  • Are you an entrepreneur in training, or an Olympic level player? (9:15)
  • Digital health innovation: Are you really ready for the massive competition? (12:55)
  • What you should know if you’re thinking of launching a product outside the US (15:53)
  • How accelerators and the incubators evolved during the pandemic (19:30)
  • What’s the difference between disruptive and sustainable innovation? (25:57)
  • This might be keeping you from successfully commercializing your innovation (37:08)




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Guest Bio

Michael Bidu is Co-Founder and CEO of INTERFACE Health Society, a not-for-profit virtual digital health technology accelerator. 

He’s also Co-Founder and CEO of MYND Therapeutics Inc., a digital health company that is developing socially engaging digital therapies.

Michael is a proven digital health Renaissance man, having expertise in the entire spectrum of innovation - from accelerators and financing to marketing, development, and advertising.

Having earned his MBA from the Academia de Studii Economice in Bucharest, Michael continued his education at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in Vancouver, B.C.

If you’d like to reach out to Michael you can find him on LinkedIn at Michael Mircea Bidu, on his company’s website at, or on social media using @InterfaceHealth.