Sell small. Sell early. w/ Mayur Saxena



Having a mission and vision are par for the course with healthcare entrepreneurs. We all want to change the face of healthcare in a positive way. 

Staying focused on your mission while growing and scaling your startup, though, that’s where it can get tricky. It’s good to have a few tools in our toolboxes, like how to leverage sales functions in your startup.

Mayur Saxena can tell us all a thing or two about leveraging sales and growing a scalable startup - he’s done just that with his company Droice Labs.

In our latest episode, Mayur talks about key strategies he put into place that helped him bring 50 healthcare systems on board. And, come on, 50? That’s amazing for a healthcare innovation!

Come hear Mayur tell his story and dish a few insights - then take a trick or two back with you to add to your toolbox.

Here are the show highlights:

  • Finding a path to better care programs (6:53)
  • It’s okay to be mission-driven and disruptive (12:07)
  • How being mission-focused can affect funding (19:43)
  • Why you should stay mission-focused but reality-based (22:42)
  • The first function for startups is sales (29:54)
  • Dig deeper and find the value in negative conversations (31:33)


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Guest Bio

Mayur Saxena is CEO of Droice Labs, a company that is dedicated to enabling personalized medicine at scale.

As both entrepreneur and scientist, Mayur spends his career concentrating on advancing medicine using high-noise/big data analysis.

In addition to occupying key roles in several startups, including co-founding a biotech firm in the diabetes space, Mayur earned his Ph.D. from Columbia University, focusing on the computational physics of disease.

If you’d like to contact Mayur directly, you can email him at, or find him on LinkedIn at Mayur Saxena. If you’d like more information about Droice Labs, visit their website at