From ‘oh, CRAP’ to ‘oh yeah, baby’ w/ Marina & Eugene Borukhovich



Healthcare is notoriously slow to move or change. That’s not news, it’s fact. And sometimes we have ‘solutions’ that might not be ideal, or even utilized because, well, they’re not all that effective.

But what if you could reimagine that solution? Or take a different approach to getting the solution out to those who need it? That could be exactly what the “doctor ordered.”

While enduring a health crisis of her own, Marina Borukhovich recognized a need in the healthcare market with a current solution that wasn’t very effective.

Marina and her husband Eugene were able to reimagine a traditional - and often underutilized health coaching solution and, with the help of an unplanned pandemic, bring it into the 21st century.

I was thrilled when Marina and Eugene agreed to sit down and talk about what steps they took, and challenges they faced, while trying to solve an unmet need in healthcare - and succeeding. 


Here are the show highlights:

  • When (and how) to take advantage of shifting mindsets (9:47)
  • Understanding that your role is valuable (14:49)
  • It pays to pay attention to the ‘Oh, CRAP!’ moments (12:34)
  • Building a (virtual) company culture (22:16)
  • Nurturing a “gig” economy (26:58)
  • The best advice is filtered advice (34:52)


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Guest Bio

Marina Borukhovich is founder and CEO at YourCoach Health.

She began her career as a developer at Lockheed Martin, followed by several entrepreneurial ventures. 

After moving to Amsterdam, Marina was diagnosed with cancer. That battle helped fuel a passion for helping others. 

If you’d like to get in touch with Marina, you can reach out to her @YourCoachHealth on all social platforms or via email at

Eugene Borukhovich is co-founder and COO at YourCoach Health and founder of Initium Impact Ventures.

He’s a career intra and entrepreneur, executive, venture builder, and speaker & board advisor focused on digital health.

If you’d like to reach out to Eugene, you can reach him @YourCoachHealth on all social platforms, via email at, or on twitter at @HealthEugene.