Legacy DNA Marketing Group Celebrates Eight Years by Offering a Free 8-Point Marketing Assessment to Qualified Healthcare Brands

Legacy DNA Marketing Group is celebrating its eighth year of engineering science and storytelling into its marketing solutions for specialty pharmacies, digital health innovators, and value-based healthcare providers.

Led by CEO and Chief Marketing Scientist Dr. Roxie Mooney, DBA, the company was — and remains — among the first to recognize and respond to changing conditions in the healthcare landscape presented by such landmark movements as the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the shift from volume-based to value-based healthcare. Legacy DNA understands that for healthcare entities to not only survive, but thrive in evolving markets, they need to apply the fundamentals of business and marketing science to their strategies — through a combination of data-driven and creative marketing protocols. Legacy DNA has helped these companies do it successfully for eight years.

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Dr. Roxie founded Legacy DNA during specialty pharmacy’s formative years and has led the company’s ongoing growth since then with a team of healthcare marketing scientists and storytelling strategists. Since its inception in 2010, the full-service marketing firm has been dedicated exclusively to healthcare companies — nationally and internationally. Legacy DNA has guided some of the nation’s most noteworthy healthcare brands toward smarter marketing and market success. The agency does this using an always-on, data-driven, and science-based approach to branding, messaging, patient persona and journey mapping, inbound marketing, demand generation, and account-based marketing, as well as its expertise in commercialization of innovation (CoI).

“When we first started, we built our reputation around freeing healthcare brands from the confines of me-too marketing and corporate blandness. Today, we’re focused on solving two challenges that almost every company faces: how to create value for customers through the use of owned media that generates new revenue for the company and gaining the ability to keep up with the complexities and ongoing changes in marketing and customer needs,” explains Dr. Roxie. “We’ve built a formula that helps healthcare brands transform their marketing programs and achieve better results. We help our clients change marketing from a cost center to a revenue creator and we help marketing teams react, respond, and prioritize marketing activities based on a real-time data planning feedback loop for optimal results.”

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Beyond helping healthcare businesses create media strategies and use science to successfully commercialize technology innovations, Dr. Roxie also educates future business leaders in associated theories and practices. She is an adjunct professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Orlando campus where she instructs Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) courses.

Legacy DNA Marketing Group has won several awards and accolades for its science-backed work, including the Aster Awards’ “Excellence in Healthcare Advertising” and recognition from Colorado Healthcare Communications, the Florida Society for Healthcare Public Relations and Marketing (FSHPRM), the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA), and Florida Magazine.

As part of its eight-year celebration, for the next 28 days only, Legacy DNA invites qualified healthcare brands to register for a complimentary 8-Point Marketing Assessment to evaluate their marketing programs and identify opportunities to improve results.

To learn more about Legacy DNA Marketing Group and its marketing, innovation, and media services, visit Legacy DNA. And, to dig deeper into the agency’s commercialization of innovation expertise, download Dr. Roxie’s white paper titled “10 Steps to Healthcare Technology Innovation Success.”