How to balance supply and demand in a platform business w/ Kyle Kiser



Successful commercialization can be difficult, and that difficulty can grow if you’re building a platform based business. 

Build a platform based business in healthcare and, well, you’re just begging for the challenges to come fast and furiously..

Kyle Kiser knows all about building a healthcare centered platform business - it’s driven, and challenged, him throughout his career.

Whether it’s point of care connectivity, pharmaceutical pricing, or the interoperability of data gathering, he’s got some words of wisdom he’s sharing with listeners on this week’s show.

So, if a platform business is giving you commercialization challenges - or if you’re just one of those folks who like to figure out how systems work together to benefit the whole, pull up a chair - this one’s for you!


Here are the show highlights:

  • The point of Point of Care connectivity (2:38)
  • The two sides of pharmaceutical pricing (6:34)
  • Obsessing about the value chain (12:28)
  • Optimizing patient benefit alternatives (20:47)
  • Challenges with the interoperability of data (24:18)
  • Balancing supply and demand in a platform business (26:04)



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Guest Bio

Kyle Kiser is CEO of Arrive Health, a company working to improve the value of healthcare through more informed decision-making.

Kyle got his start immersed in the health insurance business side of healthcare and from there built up his expertise in driving sales in health and wellness markets over the past two decades. 

Kyle received his Bachelor’s of Science in Business from Guilford College in 2006. 

If you want more information about Arrive Health or Kyle Kiser’s work, you can reach out to him on LinkedIn at  @Kyle Kiser, or visit