Finding success when your solution isn’t on healthcare’s roadmap w/ Dr. Katherine Saunders



I see it a lot: an innovator has a solution to a problem - a solution that could change healthcare for the better… only to find out that problem isn’t even on healthcare’s priority roadmap.

You might think that’s the end of it, right? Maybe you need to go back and find a different issue to address? Not so fast.

Sometimes the answer to getting your solution into the market is to become the provider for that solution.

That’s precisely what Dr. Katherine Saunders did with her company, Intellihealth. When the healthcare companies said, “Not right now,” she said, “Watch me.”

From understanding ‘person first’ language to tying healthcare, wellness, and lifestyle together,  Dr. Saunders shows us how she successfully took an idea to market - even when her main audience hadn’t yet taken interest. 


Here are the show highlights:

  • This is what a successful ‘pandemic pivot’ looks like (5:14)
  • What is ‘Person first’ language and how do you use it? (12:10)
  • Different pathways for different people (14:40)
  • How ‘Next level’ decisions could be a new sub specialty (17:24)
  • Women’s health trends and where they’re heading (21:39)
  • How conversations and shared experiences can put you on the right track (25:22)


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Guest Bio

Dr. Katherine Saunders is the co-founder at Intellihealth and Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Specializing in obesity and weight-related medical complications, her areas of expertise include advanced medical approaches to obesity and strategies to counteract medication-induced weight gain. 

Dr. Saunders received her undergraduate degree  from Dartmouth College and her medical degree from Weill Cornell Medical College. 

If you’d like more information on Intellihealth, or wish to reach Dr. Saunders, she can be found on LinkedIn at Katherine Saunders.