100 conversations: How to spot a pivotal ‘aha’ moment w/ Josh Oppenheimer



You have an idea, a solution, a vision! And you know exactly how, when, and where that vision will fit in the market and make a difference.

Until you don’t.

You could have the most pivotal and impactful solution to come to market in decades - but if your market fit isn’t right, or is off - even just a little - that could mean failure.

Conversations with your customers can be the key to making sure your solution hits the market exactly where it needs to be for your target audience to utilize it.

Dr. Josh Oppenheimer can tell you a story or two about the importance of those conversations. (Hint: because if you have 99 of them, the 100th could reveal your ‘aha’ moment!)

Come hear how Josh and his company built a culture around conversations, and why those conversations - internally and externally - can make all the difference in finding success. 


Here are the show highlights:

  • 4 lessons to keep in mind when trying to secure a healthcare champion (13:04)
  • What cross-country structuring looks like for a company (17:42)
  • This is how you increase your chances to secure funding (21:19)
  • The regulatory differences between SAMD and traditional medical devices (22:32)
  • Successfully pivot your business model (24:54)
  • Humility, transparency, and collaboration: building the right company culture (28:48)


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Guest Bio

Dr. Josh Oppenheimer is an emergency medicine physician and the co-founder and CEO of Transformative, an AI-based predictive patient monitoring software company.

From the start of his career, Dr. Oppenheimer knew he wanted to be more than a physician - he wanted to make a difference and have a positive impact on the healthcare industry.

Josh immersed himself in the world of business academia and he further pushed the boundaries of the knowledge he could gain by attending business school in the UK.

He earned his AB from Princeton University, his M.D. from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and his MBA from Cambridge Judge Business School.

If you’d like to reach out to Dr. Oppenheimer, you can use the contact form on his website at transformative.ai, or you can find him on LinkedIn at Josh Oppenheimer, MD, MBA.