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Looking for guidance and actionable insights to make sure your business survives and thrives in the new COVID economy? We’re here for you. 

I’m partnering with HIMSS and PCHA for an exclusive webinar called “Spin Crisis into Success: How to Evolve Your Healthcare Startup Beyond COVID-19.”

Date: Friday, June 26th

Time: 11 am CT

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I’ll be joined by the brilliant John Sharp. Together, we’ll walk you through:

  • Some of the most important market trends right now
  • How to uncover the critical gaps in your pre-COVID market strategy
  • How to use my evidence-based framework to build your most viable and profitable market strategy
  • Incredible stories of other businesses that spun crisis into their own success during history’s darkest times

LDNAM  HIMSS Blog-01Support for struggling health innovators

It’s been months since the pandemic reared its head, and so many business owners and entrepreneurs are still reeling from the impacts it’s had on their businesses and their whole lives.

This is especially true in the healthcare industry: the sector that ultimately holds the fate of this public health crisis and the future of care as we know it.

Some brands are thriving naturally (helloooo, Charmin and Lysol). Some brands were doomed from the start.

But there are so many companies that are trapped in an unprecedented limbo: their product or business model is able to make it through to the other side of the crisis, but they need an extra push.

Some need to pivot some element of their business, but have no clue which choices to make and how to make them. And not a single innovator I’ve spoken to has extra cash to throw at an idea that might not work.

A framework to demystify the business pivotLDNAM  HIMSS Blog-02

From dozens and dozens of conversations with health innovators, I’ve gleaned one blaring fact: To most, the term “pivot” is amorphous, mysterious, and downright scary.

How can they know what parts of their current market strategy should change completely? What should change only slightly? What should stay exactly the same?

Finding that path is difficult when you don’t have a decision-making framework to guide you. 

That’s why I built one, using my doctoral research, 20+ years of experience as a healthcare business strategist, and interviews with hundreds of health innovators.

It’s a framework to help make sure that no innovator is missing critical details — or stepping on buried landmines. It’s designed to help you see the bigger picture along with the smaller one, all without getting derailed by individual agendas and biases, and making sure your whole team is on the same page.

Did I mention that I’m so freakin’ excited to have you join us?

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