Commercializing Med Devices in a Prehospital Setting w/ John Keane



John Keane considers himself a commercial strategy kind of guy - and with 35 product launches under his belt, we’re inclined to agree.

To reach that level of commercialization success, it takes a lot of expertise and an enviable ability to listen to stakeholders at every stage. 

But he did it - and when he agreed to come on our show and talk to us about his experiences and insights around the med-tech and healthcare market, we were nothing short of thrilled.

Want to know why ego has no place in commercialization? Or how to avoid being the HIPPO in the room? Or why it’s never a failure if you’re learning something?

Pull up a seat and join us for John’s story!


Here are the show highlights:

  • Talking to your customers makes the conversation easier (3:07)
  • Beware the HIPPO in the room (4:21)
  • Seek some input from outside the “box” (6:07)
  • It’s not failure, it’s learning (11:40)
  • How to navigate the tangled web of the healthcare market (30:05)
  • Why you need to leave your ego at the door when decision-making (39:58)


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Guest Bio

John Keane is the Co-Founder, President, and CEO of MindRhythm, a med-tech company focused on reducing stroke treatment times in the prehospital setting.

A medical device executive with three decades of experience developing and commercializing emerging medical technologies, John has been involved in more than 30 product launches.

His position in the healthcare community as a strategic leader and advisor to multiple companies helps drive his success in defining visions and positioning companies for dynamic gains.

If you’d like to reach John directly, you can find him on LinkedIn at John Keane, or you can email him at