Slow-go? No-go! Business relationships require agility w/ John Hui



For healthcare innovators, getting a head start on your competition can seem like a tall order - especially when we’re in an unpredictable market.

Things have slowed, doors are closing, and you already poured all your available resources into your product. So, how are you going to keep your solution relevant and on the minds of your customers?

Take a deep breath, relax, and get ready for the inside scoop on how to use relationship building and collaboration to build those key business relationships that are critical to your success.

In today’s episode, Twiage CEO and co-founder, John Hui, dishes out his first hand experience with a looming pandemic. He tells us how he pivoted his solution to meet a changing need, allowing his company to stay one step ahead of its competition. 

John shares his thoughts on being agile and nimble in this rapidly-evolving market. And get his secret recipe that can sustain even the most frantic among us: a combination of flexibility and openness to collaborate with clients.


Here are the show highlights:

  • How getting ahead of a problem can keep you ahead of the game (1:02)
  • Start with a problem, apply co-creation, and create powerful solutions (8:12)
  • This is what a successful collaboration/co creation process might look like (10:23)
  • When sales strategies need to take a backseat to building relationships (13:36)
  • Sales strategies that can get you in front of the customer (17:38)
  • Underinvesting in these tools can do your innovation a disservice (23:45)
  • Ways to stay agile and nimble with relationship building as you move ahead in a post-covid market (26:56)


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Guest Bio

John Hui is the Co-Founder and CEO of Twiage — an award-winning healthcare IT startup that provides a novel mobile communication and workflow technology that enables hospitals and ambulances to accelerate life-saving emergency care.

With over 20 years in the healthcare innovation and development industry, John’s career has taken him to both China and the US, and has touched on nearly every corner of the digital health and healthcare industry.

John received his MBA from Cornell University and has attended Columbia Business School and the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business. John is also an active mentor for graduate and undergraduate students through the Executive on Campus Program at Baruch College, where he is President of the International Business Association.

If you want to reach out to John to learn more about Twiage,  or to simply ask questions, he is active on LinkedIn at John Hui or you can visit