Wearables take a ‘step’ beyond fitness w/ João Bocas



You can find a wearable on just about any wrist these days - or finger, or even a shirt.  The point is: Wearables are evolving.

No longer the simple step trackers of the early 2000s, wearable technology has reached out into the world of heart rate monitors and even O2 sensors.

But with that evolution comes a boatload of data. How that data is disseminated and handled could be the key to wearables revolutionizing healthcare across the board.

João Bocas knows a lot about wearables - he’s often referred to as the #1 digital health influencer. And in this week’s episode, he joins us as we take a deep dive into the world of wearable technology.

From understanding which wearable might work for you, how much is too much data, and how AI is poised to take data analysis to a whole new level, we’ve got your answers! 


Here are the show highlights:

  • Taking a ‘step’ beyond trackers - how wearables have evolved (5:24)
  • The trajectory of wearables toward better health (6:14)
  • How to make wearables work for you (10:19)
  • Breaking down barriers to wearable tech (19:45)
  • What you need to know about AI and wearable tech (20:45)
  • What entrepreneurs need to do to break down barriers to human health (25:05)


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Guest Bio

João Bocas is billed as the #1 digital health influencer.  A wearables expert and current CEO at Digital Salutem, João has spent his career focused on transforming digital health.

João uses his podcast, “Digital Health & Wearables,” to influence social media and attract and energize audiences across the globe.

If you’d like to reach out João, he can be found on Twitter at @wearablesexpert or on LinkedIn at Joao Bocas.