“Discovering” the key to building a successful startup w/ Jason Mellad



When there’s a 95% failure rate for go-to-market innovations in the US, you have to wonder: what is actually happening?

Resources, tools, templates, and an abundance of accelerator programs should equal a stronger success rate, right? No, actually it doesn’t.

In fact, the flood of resources might be exactly what holds the success rate down for innovators trying to bring solutions to the market.

Jason Mellad of Start Codon, a UK-based accelerator, has experience both inside and outside of the US markets — and he brings those insights to the table this week for our viewers.

If you’ve ever wondered what the best approach to take with a potential investor is — what attitude, knowledge, position you need to bring to the table to secure funding — here’s your show!

Intelligent and passionate about delivering solid solutions and improved patient outcomes, Jason gets down to the real business of building a successful startup.


Here are the show highlights:

  • The difference between the UK and US accelerator markets (1:29)
  • What startups need to understand when mapping out solutions (5:34)
  • How to avoid bias that can lead your startup down the wrong path (11:48)
  • Why it’s so important to embrace constructive criticism (16:29)
  • This is how you convince your investors to invest in research (20:52)
  • Three qualities innovators need to show investors, NOT tell them (29:31)


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Guest Bio

Jason Mellad is the CEO, Co-Founder, and Managing Partner of Start Codon, a healthcare and life sciences accelerator helping startup businesses build to succeed on a global scale. 

Focused on innovative technologies and solutions that provide better patient outcomes, Start Codon is the result of Jason’s love of science and passion for entrepreneurship. 

Jason earned his BSc in Molecular Biology and Chemistry from Tulane College in 2004, and his Ph.D. in Medicine from the University of Cambridge in 2009.

If you’d like to get in touch with Jason after the show, feel free to reach out to him via email at  Jason@StartCodon.co,  on Twitter at @JMellad, or on LinkedIn at Jason Mellad.