Your Golden Opportunity: Challenges w/ Heather Underwood



Proving efficacy in a healthcare setting can be hard - try to do so with a pediatric solution and you can have your work cut out for you.

But when it comes to commercialization challenges, Heather Underwood, CEO of EvoEndo, sees each one as an opportunity.

With a career that reaches across continents, she’s learned a thing or two (or a thousand) about how to be creative when commercializing her solutions - and be successful while doing it.

We all know healthcare is its own animal, there are a lot of moving parts - but if you’re one of those entrepreneurs who likes a challenge, yet still struggles with commercialization, we hear you.

Shut your office door, grab a chair and turn up your volume because this week’s guest just might help you find your opportunity hidden inside a challenge!


Here are the show highlights:

  • Commercial success starts with identifying needs (7:53)
  • How to find the flexibility and freedom to adjust your business model (9:52)
  • Winning at creative commercialization (11:03)
  • Getting through the limbo period of raising capital (13:17)
  • Successful assembly-line fundraising (18:56)
  • Identifying what makes a great team or partner (21:02)



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Guest Bio

Dr. Heather Underwood joined EvoEndo as CEO in 2019, after completing the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship for medical device innovation. 

Her work has taken her from the lecture halls of the University of Colorado Boulder's ATLAS program all the way to implementing clinical decision support systems for midwives and nurses in Kenya.

For the last 10 years, Heather’s career has focused on founding and leading medical device startups, non-profit life science organizations, and innovative academic initiatives including co-founding Inworks at CU Denver.

If you’d like to reach Heather directly, you can email her at, reach out to her on, or you can find her on LinkedIn at Heather Underwood.