Healthcare Technology Innovation: Brand It to Diffuse It

You’ve heard me say before that your company’s story is your DNA – the legacy you leave behind. While you’re hard at work on your marketing messages and sales pitches, you could be missing out on important progress by neglecting to develop your brand at its core. In the words of David Tyreman, “Business is not just a transaction; it's an experience. People do more business with people and companies that engage them in the purchasing experience. When you attach meaning to the act of doing business with you, you stand out from the crowd.”

This is especially true in a healthcare environment, when the attributes of innovation alone require your brand to stand out. But apart from your innovation’s competitive advantage and potential for positive disruption, your brand has to be carefully crafted to gain trust and fulfill consumers. If you’re failing to display your attitude, personality, and values, you could be invisible to the market.

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It’s as Easy as Choosing 3 Words

In his book How to Create a Kick-Ass Brand, Tyreman offers an exercise to help companies hone in on their brand development. Think of 3 words (or phrases, but keep them all 3 words or less). These 3 words should encompass your brand’s identity and how you want to be perceived. What drives your brand? What’s your company’s/innovation’s unique selling point? How do you truly benefit your customer and industry?

For example, Apple’s three words are imagination, design, and innovation. Virgin Atlantic’s are rebellious, champion, and maverick. Consider the three brand words that embody the unique personality of our company: smart, science, and storytelling. Each of these words capture our brand promise, how we differentiate ourselves, and how we break free from the confines of corporate blandness.

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More than Just a Logo

Your logo can be a great starting point for manifesting your 3 brand words. However, while your logo is an important element of your brand, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re developing your company strategy and your marketing campaigns, incorporate your 3 words as often as possible to ensure that your messaging is clear and consistent. You’ll also need to nurture it by actively managing a brand-building program.

When done right, your brand can help your innovation withstand competition, add legitimacy and credibility to your innovation, enhance your market visibility, and aid communication.

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